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silent night (troiku)

before the bell tolls
sparrows seeking refuge
flurries trail

before the bell tolls
carollers sing
Silent Night

sparrows seeking refuge
in the heart of His home
a King is born

flurries trail
clouds make way for Polaris
guiding hope


Written for Haiku Horizons & Carpe Diem Haiku Diem


by Daniel Kantor

1. Cold are the people, Winter of life, We tremble in shadows this cold endless night, Frozen in the snow lie roses sleeping, Flowers that will echo the sunrise, Fire of hope is our only warmth, Weary, its flame will be dying soon.

2. Voice in the distance, call in the night, On wind you enfold us you speak of the light, Gentle on the ear you whisper softly, Rumors of a dawn so embracing, Breathless love awaits darkened souls, Soon will we know of the morning.

3. Spirit among us, Shine like the star, Your light that guides shepherds and kings from afar, Shimmer in the sky so empty, lonely, Rising in the warmth of your Son’s love, Star unknowing of night and day, Spirit we wait for your loving Son.


coming together (haibun – Song Lyric Sunday)

Song Lyric Sunday theme today is to choose a song that gives us guilty pleasures.  I do listen to some songs that I may not feel guilty for enjoying but I am selective with whom I want to share these songs and mantras.  Some songs are just too close to the heart and the soul.  It is a bit like sharing a precious prayer or poem you have written.  Having someone dismiss it or mock it would be disrespectful but also hurtful.  Perhaps that is why we must be vigilant with whom we share meaningful and private things.

There are two persons at work where I may share some songs;   after talking with the, for instance,  they may share how stressed they are and under a lot of pressure at work.  Recently I sent this link which is a mantra I discovered by chance.  Then again, perhaps it was not chance and it was meant to be. I have purchased three versions since then which  I downloaded to my IPhone so I can sing along as I walk to or from work.    I added the words in my phone in my “notes” so I could read along until I could pronounce the words as best I could.

Whether you understand the words or not, just let the voice  and music of Devi Premal transport you.  This is the one I listen to when I am writing or even relaxing at home…the video is quite amazing.

Most times I weep of joy when I chant this mantra…words sometimes fail me as they are caught in my throat that is filled with so much emotion.  I wish I would have known this mantra to sing to my mother when she was dying.  Devi Premal chanted this to her father on his deathbed.

coming together
chanting to the Universe
as one

© Tournesol’16/07/10

Youtube-Gayatri Mantra 



Gayatri Mantra with English Lyrics and Meaning

Gayatri Mantra (Regular Version): Track 3 From the Album “Divine Chants for Peace, Joy and Healing.” Download a higher quality mp3 from Itunes or Amazon using the links below:


Gayatri Mantra lyrics (transliteration):
Bhur Bhuva Suvaha
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi
Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat.

English Meaning:
The Eternal being
Pervading the three planes of existence physical, astral and celestial
[representing the three states of waking, dream and deep sleep]
as the light that is worthy of worship
we meditate on thy spotless and divine presence
purify our intellect with the light of awareness.

Gayatri mantra is one of the best mantra for chitta shuddhi or purification of mind and to turn the mind into a sattvic or harmonious mind that automatically feels drawn to rest in the awareness of the blissful Self within. However it is one of the mantra that requires inititation for chanting (initiation is not require for listening but only if you are going to chant it on your own). If it is not possible to come in contact with a qualified guru who can initiate you, you may visualize the image of an Enlighened sage like Ramana Maharshi or Ramakrishna and visualize that they are whispering the mantra into your ear and initiating you. Alternatively you can simply listen to the mantra

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letting loose (haibun) Song Lyric Sunday – Daily Moments June 26 2016


She can’t help it. Every time she hears that song, she is reminded of the gas bar scene, the footloose extravaganza and pure, innocent bliss.


head starts shaking
foot tapping and shoulder rolls,
smile forms on my lips


What a treat to see this prompt on LindaGHill’s blog – Song Lyric Sunday Theme “happiness”

Daily Moments June 26 2016 – letting loose  (Haibun)

melodies of you (shadorma + troiku)

At Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, we were asked to write a shadorma on “fantasy” and I chose to write about an imagery ending with a troiku.


month of May
makes me reminisce
Mother’s Day
without you
is never ever the same,
but – now I’m Nana!

tunes play in my head
with eyes closed,
you’re right here
Judy Garland is Somewhere
‘Over the Rainbow

© Clr '14 Colombe (Mom)
© Clr ’14 Colombe (Mom)


your voice seems so real
imageries of long ago
melodies of you

your voice seems so real
your laugh echoes
warms my heart

imageries of long ago
I’m still
ton bébé

melodies of you
Irish Eyes and Edelweiss
make me smile

© Tournesol’16/04/28

N is for night crawlers (troibun)

N is for night crawlers that come to life after a warm summer rain. There is nothing more sensual and soothing than rain showers at night. Raindrops fall like ivory keys creating bittersweet melodies.


twilight rain
enticing and sultry
invites night crawlers

twilight rain
subtle drumming
on a tin roof

enticing and sultry
all night long
hypnotic sounds

invites night crawlers
nature’s fragrance lures
droplets kiss the grass

© Tournesol’16/04/16

dancing by the lake (haibun)

When she was a young teen she would sit behind the wooden stage propped up near Lake Champlain at Isle le Motte, Vermont.   Every Saturday, the owners of the campground would play fifty’s music. It was 1965 and she would sit with her older sister and they would watch their parents dance. Her mother was 5ft 2-3/4” and her father was 5ft 11”. They would sweep the floor with their soft feet floating on that wooden stage. Her mom on her tip toes swooning at the love her life. Her father with his charismatic smile. They danced like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire…only her father was much more handsome.

bodies touching
heat of a summer’s night
under moonlit sky

© Tournesol ’16/03/03

Written for Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille at MindLoveMiserysMenagerie

taste of summer (haibun)

© Clr'15
© Clr’15

Sitting at the picnic table near the chip wagon, she sprinkled vinegar and salt on her fries.     Taking that first bite of her fry was delightful.  Another bite and she winced at the slight burning sensation on her lip. Salt can do that but no matter how unhealthy they say it is, she could not go without salt on French fries.

She remembered when she was a child playing kick the can with friends in the summer.  Her mom would call her in when it got dark and she was all sweaty.  She loved the taste of salt on her arm.

chaleur torride
sueur luisante
goût d’été

sweltering heat
sweat glistens
taste of summer

They met on the beach.  It felt so natural.  They walked hand in hand as the sun was slowly dipping in the horizon.  The tide was out. How delicious to feel the cool sand between their toes as they walked what seemed, forever.

taste of sunset,
waves roll in softly,
salt on her lips

© Tournesol ’15

Haiku Horizons “salt”

Falling into happiness (troiku)

Wikipedia – Double Dutch

fallen leaves – yet,
heaps of fun transformed
 skipping rope

fallen leaves – yet,
multi-coloured blankets
cover lawns

heaps of fun transformed
youngsters’ plunging gleefully
grand-daddy smiles

 skipping rope
Indian summer lingers
playing double-dutch

© Tournesol ’15/11/09

CDHK – Happines

Lucky seven (haibun)

Many years ago they were expecting their first child.  They had impatiently waited seven years but felt blessed to have finally been given this chance.  Her husband was out playing a hockey game with his buddies.  She had a visitor with her all evening so she wouldn’t be alone since November 6th was the due date.  The television was on low and they were chatting like they always did since they were twelve years old.

She was sitting in the lazy boy since it was the only chair that was comfortable for her pudgy size. She stopped counting the weight she had gained after thirty-seven pounds.  Her back was sore so she slipped a small pillow in the small (ha that was funny) of her back.  Once in a while she kept looking at her watch.  Her friend did not have children and asked her why she was checking her watch so often.

“The contractions are every fifteen minutes, just checking to see if that is going to change…much.  It doesn’t seem to hurt too much.”

They were giggling out of their anticipation for the arrival of the baby. She had told the technician when she had the ultrasound not to tell her the sex of the baby.  She preferred a surprise hoping it might motivate her if the labour got too painful at the end.

Her friend left at eleven, and her husband arrived a few minutes later.  He went straight to bed since he had to get up early for work the next morning.  She had been off work for two weeks now.  She went to bed shortly after and had not told him about her contractions in case they were false labour.   Her grandmother had always told her if the pain wakes you up, then they are real.

She got to sleep fairly quickly but was awakened every ten to twelve minute all night long.  She didn’t want to wake her husband in case she was to be in labour many hours at the hospital and she wanted to stay in the comfort of her home as long as possible.  How she wished her grandmother could be with her.  But GrandMaman had just turned 78 and probably would not be able to go through a whole night with her at the hospital.  She would still wait. By 7 am, she phoned her friend who had two children to ask her questions and see if it was too soon to leave.  Contractions were about 7 minutes apart and getting very painful.  Her friend told her calmly, it was time to go to hospital.

She made a cup a tea and toast and woke up her husband telling him, “C’est le temps d’aller à l’hôpital.”  They both felt a bit awkward and nervous.  He was not aware of her intense contractions since he had slept all night through that so he seemed ill prepared for her whimpering and breathing in the car.  On the drive to the hospital when she got a contraction she would ask him to drive a bit slower on the twisting road by the river.  At each contraction he would jokingly sing, “I can’t get no contraction!”  They would laugh nervously trying to make light of the most important day of both their lives…their first child would be here soon.

At the hospital, he must not have realized how much in pain she was, he parked the car in the visitors’ parking lot and they walked laboriously to the entrance.  They had to stop twice so she could catch her breath during the painful contractions…he laughing…a bit giddy like a kid not sure what he was supposed to do would continue singing Mik Jagger’s song alterered to “his satisfaction”!

Four hours docteur Ronaldo Morriconni almost didn’t make it on time and  their son was born  six minutes after noon, softly crying and peeing on the doctor. Served him right for being late but the doctor just chuckled; he loved babies.  Daddy almost fainted at the most crucial moment and the nurse just shouted to him to sit down because they had more kind of busy at the moment.

They checked to see if baby was fine and breathing okay and then laid him on her belly while the doctor finished up what he had to do.  It was a nice distraction.  Baby seemed to recognize her voice and she held him to her breast as he seemed to know already what to do…a real natural!

That was thirty seven years ago. After seven years of marriage, the seventh grandchild was born on the 7th of November and christened on the 7th of January, his father’s birthday.

Oli-G Nov 7/78

November seventh
blessed with a healthy son

© Tournesol ’15