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Devotion (haibun)

Since she was a young child she would often whisper a short prayer on her way to school such as The Lord’s Prayer with the image of her grandfather in her mind’s eye and this practice continued as an adult on her way to work.  In the past year she has been chanting her personal mantra with the image of Amma; sometimes her grandmother’s and mother’s images seem to slip in without her control.

Now she simply begins her mantra with the image of Amma and if her grandmother and mother want to slip in, she just goes with the flow. It is a wonderful way to start her day at work. In many ways she feels protected from some of the pain and suffering of her daily work.

(c) Clr '15
(c) Clr ’15

scans the heavens
chanting her mantra
filled with devotion


filled with devotion
three mothers protect her
love bursts in tears

(c) Tournesol ’15

turn turn turn (Troiku – haiga)



turn turn turn
 when does it stop
on this roundabout

turn turn turn
reeling in vertigo

when does it stop
short or long paths,
timing is everything

on this roundabout
all roads lead to Rome
but,  different lessons

© Tournesol’15

First Kiss (Haibun)


MrEyeCandy66 Deviantart: First Kiss


It was late at night between Christmas and New Year’s, January, 1968. A time where mini skirts,fish-net stockings and short pea coats were the fashion…never warm enough for those winters in Quebec. A tuque or beret was fashionable but never worn covering the ears…that would not be stylish. The walk from the rec centre was several kilometers to her home by the river.  How he fell in love with her baby blues…


Beneath wintry skies
pulls her close to him

beneath wintry skies
shivering in their Sunday best
holding hands

pulls her close to him
hearts beating

lips moistened like morning dew
their first kiss

© Tournesol ’15

CP TimeGlass “First Kiss”

escape (haiku)

There are several ways to escape from the rat race, busy days and worries.  Depending on what time I have available will determine what I do.  Speed walking, cycling or sitting by the lake, the river or allowing the river rapids to drown my thoughts and worries away, they all can do wonders, the latter is my favourite.

One does not always have the time or opportunity to get out, however, nor does the climate permit this.  But, I can always depend on music. And that is what I am doing tonight at my work break…no problems on my mind…just me and ivory keys.

relaxed heartbeat

ripple of ivory

my sanctuary

© Tournesol ’14