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Rage (Six Word Story Challenge ~ Troiku)

I usually post six word story challenges on my other blog but it also inspired a haiku poem, so here it is.

The prompt at Six word Story is RAGE. I’ve written a sentence telling a story that ten inspired a Troiku, which is a new form of Haiku created by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.


Pray for nations whose leaders rage!


good leaders listen
pulse of a nation
sifting thru filters

good leaders listen
people speak openly
together they build

pulse of a nation
erratic can turn to calm
sign of good counsel

sifting thru filters
taking down walls that block



Trumpaphobia is the new millennium rage.

Written for Six Word Story Challenge

Peace of mind (haibun)

She sat by the shore watching the sailboats and listening to the sounds of nature. So many decisions to make and each impacted on people she loved. Her mind echoed should and should not`s so loud that she finally took a few deep breaths and slowly turned to her breath. She closed her eyes in quiet contemplation and mediated soaking up the warmth of the morning sun. Feeling calmer, she looks out at the ducks and swans and nature provided her with an answer.

Lake Ontario, Oakville, On.
© Clr – Lake Ontario, Oakville, On.

white swan
opening its wings in flight
seeking solace

© Tournesol ’16/03/26

Daily Moments March 12/16 Waning moon (haibun)

“My oh my, how time flies by these days”, she thought walking slowly from the store with her recycled bags in each hand.  She missed the sun set and the multicolours reflecting on the water and now it had dipped below the horizon rising on another part of the world.  She looked up at the sky turning a darker blue as the waxing moon shone down on her filling her with joy.  She set her bags on the sidewalk for a second and took out her phone aiming it at the sky.  It was difficult to do justice to such splendour.


halo embraces,
looks down at her and smiles,
that crescent moon


Daily Moment March 12, 2016 – waning moon (haibun)

Six Sentence Story

Indian Summer (haibun)


Fallen leaves carpet grounds in ambers, except for those that hold on limbs for dear life. Parks are barren, missing squeals of youths and laughter among families. Park benches are abandoned by lovers, both young and old. Autumn’s melancholy mushrooms over time as winds blow mockingly. Suddenly, temperatures rise to unseasonal heights with warmer days, oh! so short-lived, teasing all things living.

Indian Summer squats
basking under sun kissed skies
Mother Nature lies.

© Tournesol’15/12/08

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