scent of autumn (troibun)

© Cheryl-Lynn R. ’16

Autumn entails hard work for those who own homes especially with gardens. It is a time where leftover vegetables and dead leaves blend with garden soil…getting the land ready for a long slumber under snow covered grounds. Grownups are busy with garden tools and raking leaves in tall mounds.

midday break
resting on a nest of leaves
scent of autumn

midday break
crunch of Mackintosh
by the maple tree

resting on a nest of leaves
grandson helps her up
failing knees accept

scent of autumn
marigolds slip in
summer’s remains


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honouring family (troiku)

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on the credenza
the images of ancestors
lighted by a candle
© Chèvrefeuille

on the credenza
painted on porcelain
our coat of arms

the images of ancestors
reminding me
who I am

lighted by a candle
thirteen tea lights glow
GrandMaman’s birthday


CDHK- meditation on the river

nature’s release (haibun)

©clr 2014

Emma had been walking for hours in the dank chilly night. She had set out to walk off some steam but now her rain boots felt more like they were filled with lead.  So much tension had been building over the years and now she felt she just might collapse.  There was no way she could diffuse all those years of grief to trickle in a safe way.  “No,” she thought to herself, “I just might hurt someone with this pent up misery.”

She found herself in front of her old church, she had not seen in decades …probably for her grandmother’s funeral.  Crossing the street, she felt the rain start to pour, and  blending with her tears.

Leaning over the railing, the roar of the current was impressive.  Would her faith be strong enough to hold her back?

embracing cascades
spilling into dark waters,
releasing her despair


Heeding Haiku with Chevrefeuille at MindLoveMiserysMenagerie

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on stubbornness (troiku)

(c) Clr’16

a troiku

you say black
forever trapped
dogged old ways

you say black
another may say white
same old debates

forever trapped
before your time

dogged old ways
life’s diversity
lacking shades of grey


Daily reflections on Stubbornness – September 9/17 (troiku)

Troiku’s a new form of haiku created by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

the beauty within

She used to see sunrises when she was a teen; she would wait by the river, to see the sky break  through grey, blue and magenta.  The anticipation was palpable until the sun slowly rose, she would then give in to slumber until the warm glow upon her face would wake her anew.

©Karuna Poole from LivingLarningAndLettingGo

world at her feet
life’s possibilities

© Clr’17

bowing at her feet
He sees her light

©Tournesol ’17/09/04

lifetime replayed one last time (haibun) daily moments, August 30/17

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They walked along the riverside silently. Occasionally he would put his arm around her waist making sure she did not trip over the mounds on the grass. This would be there last time on the property. So many years passed. So many memories. A lifetime of giggles, squeals and splashing, crying and shouting echo on the water like a thousand and one ghosts. She turns her head slightly to look at her lifetime mate.

liquid blues gaze
once upon a lifetime
her heart still flip flops


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Daily moments – August 30th – lifetime replayed one last time (haibun)