nature in progress (troibun) Daily Moments June 14, 2017

Humans are such creatures of habit.  Well, at least in this part of the country.  Weather is the most talked about topic…”It is too cold; it is too humid; Ow, my aching joints!.”  As soon as November wraps us with a veil of dark bareness before the snow, we say, I hate winter that is coming. Depression has already set in for more of our Northern Canadians since October.  The days are shorter and darkness haunts us.  Soon people start chanting, “I can’t wait until it snows. At least it will be brighter.”  And before December arrives, we often see snow.  Everyone is more or less pleased especially the children and winter enthusiasts.


She has prepared her wardrobe accordingly so the long cold months will, at least, be filled with change and style.  Four or five winter coats of different levels of warmth.  A few extra pairs of boots add to the list and of course, cleats…a few extra pairs and always one pair in her backpack if the sidewalks are treacherous when she finishes her late night shift.


Then snow overstays its welcome in January and then February and March storms.  Spring is around the corner, they say, but we all know that spring arrives when nature decides.  That can be the end of March, mid-april or early May for those more North and East of here.  All those months waiting for warmer temperatures.


Well, it has been quite warm this past week. On the weekend and yesterday temperatures went up to 32C with high humidity.  Oh, she should know. She finally installed her A/C and has emptied 4 litres of water 4 times in 12 hours!  Yes, indeed, the humidity is set in the house, the furniture, the clothes.  People who struggle with allergies as she does, find it difficult to breathe and headaches and migraines attack the most vulnerable.


It is June 13th and still not quite summer yet another two months of higher temperatures and humidity.  Now one would wonder why we complain about two to three months of warmer temperatures when many have whined and wished for warm weather for the past six months! But we hum and ho and whine and talk about the weather, “I was up most of the night because of the heat. I arrived at work drenched due to the heat. The bus is so hot and stinky…and even worse at the end of the day.”  And so on and so forth

Why not look at the changes and embrace them, she says to herself on her way to work…


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turning towards the sun
supping golden rays

bumble bee exploring
nature in progress

turning towards the sun
swallows settling down
mid-day nap

supping golden rays
butterfly on a petal
cicadas sings



breeding compassion (Waka) Daily Moments June 13, 2016


©Karuna Poole (cropped pics)

thimbleberry shrub
overcome by freeloaders
choked by greedy arms

blackberry vines overstay
morning glories take over

human’s helping hands
unwinding weeds and vines
free the choking stems

greenbelt lovers lend a hand
disentangling carefully

digging at the root
removing each stake – claimed
by jealous lovers


bindweeds breed – only
unhealthy relationships
nature’s oppressor


world disputes – only,
farm famine and poverty
breeding ground of war

greed lingers at the root
breeding lust for wars

if compassion
could lure like greed and lust
man would be set free

the Golden Rule would become Law
the breeding ground of love


Daily Moments – June 13, 2017  breeding compassion  (waka)

This waka (solo no renga and haiku/senryu) were inspired by Mystery, Adventure and Reward by Karuna’s post at LivingLearningAndLettingGo where she works tirelessly in the Greenbelt behind her home freeing the thumbleberry shrub from bindweeds (morning glory) and blackberry vines.   This post reminded me of one thing, “if only only compassion ruled the world.” I’ve taken the liberty to post a few of her photos to illustrate the meaning of the poem.




lilacs – troibun – Daily Moments June 12, 2017

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On her way to work, she passes by a house with budding flowers and then she stops, takes a few steps back to admire a tree with flowers falling over the white picket fence.


sweet fragrance
tickling her nose
from the lilac tree

sweet fragrance
stops her on her path
last scents ‘til summer

tickling her nose
butterfly fluttering
delightful touch

from the lilac tree
flaunting its splendour
and luring bouquet


Daily moments – lilacs (troibun) June 12 2017


Daily Moments – lazy Friday – June 9, 2017 (troiku)

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Lounging like a queen
I’m so green with envy
asks me to join her

lounging like a queen
makes a royal request
to stroke her

I’m so green with envy
another life

asks me to join her
tempting me cunningly
stretching languidly


Daily Moments – lazy Friday – June 9,  2017

A troiku is a new haiku form created by Chèvrefeuille at Carp Diem Haiku Kai.



Daily Moments -May 12, 2017 – blessed day (Troibun)




Awakening to the bright sunshine allowed her to take this to mean it would be a hopeful day. Finally a pleasant spring day in May, compared to the cool damp day the days before.


sun shining
belated sprouts triumph

sun shining
with good intentions

belated sprouts triumph
respecting delicate ties
reborn again

building strength
weathering storms

As she walked out the door to catch her bus, the sky was overcast. Slightly disappointed, she sighed and checked her mailbox and a glow of sunshine reappeared.

avid reader smiles
a poet, writer…
long distance friend
turning to the first page
she takes a deep breath

Whispering the first line… “Don’t forget to breathe”. BLUR, by Sreejit Poole, 2016


Blur by Sreejit Poole, 2016Amazon – Canada Amazon – USA

Sreejit Poole is also a poet and blogger you can visit at TheSeekersDungeon

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Daily Moments -May 12, 2017 – blessed days (Troibun)

love blossoms – Daily Moments – May 7 2017 (Troibun)

The three women walked along the riverside reminiscing of times passed. Approaching an old vegetable garden two of them, scrunched up their noses at the putrid scent. The eldest seemed not to notice the stench and paused looking at a crow cawing on a branch.


graced by a presence
drawn by sweet fragrance
trust and compassion

graced by a presence
divine intervention
a mother’s love

drawn by sweet fragrance
budding promise
faith, hope and love

trust and compassion
if only the world knew
their blessed bouquet

Walking towards her children, one woman contemplated for a long moment. Inhaling a deep belly breath, she paused and felt a spasm in her chest as if her heart was bursting at the seams.

pink and white buds
begging share to their love
apple blossoms


Daily Moments Troibun May 7 2017 love blossoms

bliss… frozen in time (troibun)


Walking through the thicket, the woman stops a moment to admire wild daisies. It is mid-day and the sun is commanding nature to acquiesce to her splendid rays. Birds perched in the shade of their home are silent as they embrace their afternoon siesta except for a few chirps from fledglings resisting their nap. And then, the concert begins…from tree to tree sopranos tell their story while another group sing the refrain…piercing sounds mesmerize and finally the last of the fledglings give in to their lullaby.

cicadas take centre stage
nature listens

The woman crouches slowly, taking a picture of her subjects; she smiles at the effect the soft wind has on the flowers. It appears the daisies are waving and smiling with their golden centres boasting towards the sun. And then, she freezes…

blue butterfly
perpetual trace
on her cheek

blue butterfly
on tender petals
wings unfold

perpetual trace
sounds of summer
of her youth

on her cheek
fluttering wings,
still caress


At Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, our host and mentor, Chèvrefeuille gives us a spiritual meme where we can choose among four photographs for our inspiration. They are A young mountain monk, Laughter, Time Flies and Tranquility.  The image of a clock depicting how time flies is what inspired my haibun/troibun but more than just time flies…how a split second experience can imprint forever in my mind.  The blue butterfly visited me from April to November, 2015 following the death of my mother December 2014.  I have never seen such a constant presence as this beauty before or after.  I know, deep down, she was helping me in my grief. 



And now the memory of my experience with the blue butterfly brings me such joy…


I feel such laughter in my heart, imagining the daisies also chortling…like the monks in the photo our host has given us.  By the time I had completed the troiku(a new form of haiku created also by Chèvrefeuille), I felt my whole being washed with a sense of tranquilty. So, I suppose I was influenced by all four photos and left with a lingering sense of wellbeing.



Perhaps I was also the young monk from the mountain observing the memories of my youth…my mother and the blue butterfly.