humility (senyru + cherita)


in naked humbleness
confesses her sins


(A Cherita)

making the sign of the cross

she leaves the confessional head down,
hands clasped together in prayer

kneeling before the Virgin Mary
giving thanks for  absolution of her sins
shivering at her nakedness, she prays


Inspired by chevrefeuillescarpediem-nakedness



Daily moments – September 27/17 cooling off (a cherita)


(a cherita)

another sweltering day today

uncommon for this hemisphere
the A/C and a few extra fans roar all night long

I carry my oriental fan with me everywhere
fanning my sweaty face waiting for my Metro car
visualizing penguins in Antarctica

Years ago on a trip to Saint Marten, I noticed people walking to work and their pace was so slow compared to how we get to work. That made sense too! I realized that moseying along slowly, I did not build up a sweat …well, hardly since I am perspiring even in winter if I am walking fast. I often say jokingly, “I can’t help it, I’m just hot stuff!” but seriously it is not comfortable. I look on the bus today as my face is wet already before I even start my shift. I wonder with awe, how some of the commuters are wearing a long sleeve shirt and their faces are so dry!! How can that be possible?! Here I am fanning myself on the bus, on the Metro and spraying my face and hair with water when I get to work to cool myself.

I remember a few years ago visiting the Biodome several times with my grandson since I lived across the street from there at the time. When you first enter, you are flooded with the heat of the rainforest…oh, it is beautiful alright but within minutes, I am already anxious to get to the Antarctica section and sit watching those cute penguins prancing and diving into the water. To this day, I often visualize myself sitting in that section of the Biodome and it seems to cool my body a bit. Looks like I will be visualizing penguins this week.

©Cheryl-Lynn 17/09/27

daily reflections – Irma vies for control (a cherita)

Waking up to a pounding headache, she slips back under her duvet pleading for slumber where pain is just a memory. Prayers answered she only awakens end of day and yet pounding persists. Amino acids and java finally acquiesce to her pleas; and then , she checks the news…bedlam in the tropics!

Mother Nature seems to be going through a new kind of neurosis. She worries for innocents having to uproot from their homes and friends far away, she prays for their safety. She remembers her very first soul mate from childhood up in the Keys…praying she is safe.

a cherita

swaddled in a pretense of safety

wrapped in a duvet
filled with impotence

anxiety burgeons
like a spring blossom
yet, autumn leaves begin to fall


Daily reflections – September 6  2017 Irma vies for control (cherita)

the hidden promise (troibun)

At Heeding haiku with Chèvrefeuille at MindLoveMiserysMenagerie, our host asks us to write a haibun (prose with a haiku or tanka) inspired by the sculpture below.  I looked up the artist, Matteo Pugliese and discovered the name of this piece is La Promessa…

I discovered a new form of poetry last month called The Cherita at Celestine’s blog Reading Pleasure, a gifted Haiku poetess; the Cherita was created by al li.   Rather than using prose, I am telling my story with two Cherita followed by a Troiku which is a new form of haiku created by Chèvrefeuille. I name my haibun a troibun since troiku is the core.


La Premessa by Matteo Pugliese

The hidden promise (Troibun)

The Cherita

aggravation started bubbling unexpectedly

all those hopes and fantasies
never seeing the dawn of day

sadness and self-pity
wrapped inside a duvet
used to comfort her


pointing fingers and blaming life is so less painful

staying up late at night
wishing upon a star

waking up dismayed
feeding on crestfallen
crunching on uncertainty



all those years – stalling
prisoner of self-doubt

wall of hidden truths
fooled to feel helpless

all those years –stalling
that prince of fairy tales
held inside a web

prisoner of self-doubt
unrequited promises
trapped inside her soul



Cherita #5

Cherita #5

helping Grand-Maman made me feel special

some chores were less amusing
dusting can be so boring

watching her cooking
a pinch of this, a pinch of that
savouring herbs teasing me

running to the garden to get les haricots jaunes

slipping one or two in my mouth
crunchy and juicy

down in the cold cellar where wrinkled potatoes rest
dark and scary, spider webs brush my face
my heart flip flops

©Cheryl-Lynn Roberts 2017/07/21