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dew frost (haiku)

Chèvrefeuille writes two beautiful haiku inspired by dew frost .

early morning walk
through the park that looks so fragile –
sunrise and dew frost

cobweb sparkles
prince winter has made his round
through the city-park

© Chèvrefeuille

Dew Frost –

Here is my inspiration on dew frost

rosée lumineuse
dentelle à l’aube,  papillonne
soupçon de l’hiver

glistening dewdrops
quivering web of dawn
hint of winter

© Tournesol ‘15

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

020 – 30 doh – 30 days of September Divine Intervention (haiga)

couché de soleil miroité

chaque coup de pinceau
à travers la glace , forge
Sa signature

© Tournesol ’15

mirored sunset

through the looking glass-
each brush stroke bares,
His signature

© Tournesol ’15

020 – 30 doh – 30 days of September 20th, with Rick Daddario -“painting”

lumière de la pleine lune (haiku)

Autumn Moon -Chèvrefeuille

We asked  to write a haiku inspried by our host’s haiku as well as the theme autumn.

light of the full moon
shines through colored leaves
at last … autumn

© Chèvrefeuille

la lumière de la pleine lune
brille à travers les feuilles colorées
enfin … l’automne
© Chèvrefeuille (traduit)

Summer vacation puts close friends and lovers at a distance sometimes;  some have summer jobs far from their loved ones or distant summer homes.  Autumn can be a blessing for many…

claire de la lune
flamme de son cœur fébrile

retrouvailles d’amoureux
retour au collège

retour au collège
lueur de la pleine lune
brille sur son visage

brille sur son visage
joues rougissantes la trahissent
yeux pétillants sollicitent

© Tournesol ’15