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butterfly blue (haibun) Weekly Writing Prompt #117

© Clr’17



The spring after her mother’s death, a butterfly would greet her daily on her way to work. Walking through the bushes behind the building, she would stop to admire the wild daisies and there on a blossom sat a blue butterfly. She  knew it had to be her mother hanging around just a while longer. The thicket served as a rent-free haven. The Landlord upstairs understands how difficult it can be for those left behind.  There is no right or wrong way to mourn…just takes time.

surviving a great loss
her mother
wings of a butterfly
kissed her cheek

©Tournesol ‘17/11/30

Written for Weekly Writing Prompt #117 at SecretKeeper
Prompts: Wing wrong rent serve great

In memory of my hero, June 22, 1926 – December 2, 2014

early performance (troibun)

Awakened by the silence, she sits in darkness looking out her beach house window. Anticipation quickens as nature begins its daily performance…


the early bird thinks
time to catch
the sleepy worm

the early bird thinks
feeding her fledglings
before sunrise

time to catch
gulls keep with the rhythm
fish caught in the waves

the sleepy worm
floats in despair, falling prey
to fowl play



The Weekly writing prompt at The Secret Keeper

(5) Words: | THINK | RISE | RHYTHM | FLOAT| FALL |

A waka story …once upon a time (haibun) ~ TheSecretKeeper

Once upon a time, there lived an old English professor who retired in a small cottage in a village by the Arabian Sea with his wife. With this new free time, he could now delve in his passion and became a great poet. He spent his days at the kitchen table writing smart anecdotes about this and that and everything else.

Sometimes, if he was searching for the right word, his eyes would wander out the window at the gardener, sitting among the moon flowers, hyacinth and jasmine, inhaling the delicate fragrance of her babies.  His secret love for her had never changed, even after 50 years.

Evenings, the elderly couple  liked catching the international news . Today was especially important to learn the results of the presidential election in that foreign country called U.S.A.

He stared, dumbfounded at the name of the new president elect and could not believe his ears! “The world, as we know it, with this boorish leader, Flora, will never be the same,” he whispered, “I’m afraid this man’s greed and narcissism combined, will have voters climbing the walls to escape the wrath of this man.”

scent of jasmine
away from toxic meadows
calming and healing


Written for SecretKeeper – 5 word prompt: | CLIMB | CATCH | SMART | VOTE | POET |

young love (tanka)

(c) Clr’16


running through puddles
midsummer rain
laughing like young children
hands her a scented flower
raindrops on rose blushed petals

(c) Tournesol’16

Secret Keeper Prompts 5 words: YOUNG RAIN LAUGH ROSE HAND 

Feeling a bit constrained to keep those 5 words in my poem, here are two other poems inspired by this flower:


splashing in puddles
feel so alive and young
laughing at life
hands her a gem flecked flower
curve of her rose tinted lips


raindrops on petals
midsummer rain
nature’s perfect gems


remembering ash trees (Solo no Renga)


traveling from afar
hunt their own tree as a host
slowly sucks out life

emerald ash borers thrive
turning hope to disrepair

star shines in reverence
through bare branches
lost leaves of ash

  • ©Tournesol’16/07/11
  • Written for TheSecretKeeper 5 word prompt  OWN TURN SHINE TREE STAR
  • In honour to ash trees in Southern Québec

Casse-Noisette (haibun)

The Charlesbois Post – Nutcracker – Montréal

Every Christmas Place des Arts is filled with parents and children, especially little girls sitting and watching with awe.

small feet dance
each move is part of a love story
filled with wonder


The Secret Keeper (5) Words: | MOVE | SMALL | WONDER | DANCE | PART |

Daily moments – lost innocence (haibun)

Today, she sits in quiet contemplation. A day of rest for the body and yet, the heart remembers stories of untold secrets that remain silenced. Too many pieces to that puzzle missing, she sighs, wishing she could do more…

no one could resist
 lost innocence

no one could resist
dancing to wise women’s song
free the children

Somehow, that song and action to free other children around the world soothed her…for today.

Daily moments also written for the secret keeper: (5) Words: | SONG | WOMAN | FREE | NO | LOST |

After the rain (troiku)

after the rain
running and skipping
on the wet ground

after the rain
birds know the meaning
pot holes are baths

running and skipping
dreams of a rainbow –then,
cries with delight

on the wet ground
steps on his image – splash!
puzzled raised head


What a delight finding this opportunity writing to not just one, nor two but three prompts today!
The Secret Keeper with these 5 words: MEANING | RAISE | CRY | DREAM | GROUND
Haiku Horizons with “puzzle”
And a new meme I discovered today, Tuesday at Ten with the word “Step”

Troiku is a new form of Haiku created by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Diem where you are welcome to write to his daily meme.