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mind games (Solo no renga)

solo  no renga

mind games people play
faced with charades now and then
call it what it is

some are kind and genuine
others play their fake persona

life’s too short
don’t waste time with forgeries
just be real

© Tournesol’16/05/26

The Secret Keeper –
5) Words: | CHARADE | FACE | CALL | FAKE | GAME |

Child’s Play (tanka – shadorma)


strawberry fields
buckets filled to the brim
child’s morning play
time to cook home cooked jam
Granny’s the talk of the town


the child played
one sunny morning
in his yard
at his home
talking to his dog, Jamie
“Time to go get a snack!”


The Secret Keeper 5 word prompt:  CHILD TALK HOME TIME PLAY 

running wild (haiku ~ shadorma)


they ran wild
through fields and woodlands
serving themselves

serving themselves
legends of these horses
wild and free

wild and free
hard to believe they’ve been around
for centuries


running wild
from another time
long ago
shipwrecked many years ago
trusty survivors

(c) Tournesol’16-05-02

B &P Shadorma & Beyond at MindLoveMiserysMenagerie

The Secret Keeper

a creative process (troibun)

Late evenings she sits at her antique desk waiting. It was a test of patience that her creative mind endured every night.

by the window
holds her mother’s vintage pen
under lit candle

by the window
signs of a summer’s breeze
a flame flutters

holds her mother’s vintage pen
waiting for her muse to write
words of her own

under lit candle
waits to untangle letters,
like a magic potion

© Tournesol’16/04/01

Written for 5 words prompted at the Secret Keeper:

DOOR Template Instructions

view from the top (tanka)

catching a view
that age old promise
walkin’ the beat
trying to reach the top
…just keep on walkin’

(c) Tournesol’16-02-17

Written for The Secret Keeper’s prompt: view walk promise beat old

Inspired by a poem I wrote earlier in free verse

Walk don t run free verse on meditative reflections Free Verse

take your time
do not climb

do not run
breath in
breath out

take your time
don’t beat
the clock
reaching for the top

take your time
in the end
you will
get a view
crossing over

take your time
breath in
breath out

that aged old promise
everlasting life

take your time
breath in
breath out.

(c) Cheryl-Lynn  2016-02-17

liquid secrets (tanka – haiku)

© Clr'15 Rivière Richelieu, Chambly, Qc.
© Clr’15 Rivière Richelieu, Chambly, Qc.


staring at the waves
rolling on the river
taking hold of me
dripping true emotions
no longer wear me down.


river holds
roaring white rapids –
all my secrets

(c) Tournesol ’16

The Secret Keeper


Daily Moments – Feb 1 /16 Change (haibun)

© Clr'16
© Clr’16

spring is coming
sense of hope

Change can destabilize and make one feel less secure at times. Imagine how worried Mother Nature must be with the drastic changes in the environment. No, we are not alone on this planet walking around with this sense of insecurity.

can the earth forgive?
that is the question –
only time will tell

© Tournesol ’16/02/01

Daily Moments – February 1 2016

The Secret Keeper word Prompts are: SENSE  SECURE WALK TIME ALONE