Christmas groceries (haibun)

He knew his old jalopy was on its last leg. If only he could make it to the grocery store one last time. He had a few heavy items he needed to stock up on, like cat litter, a few litres of juice, cans of soup, cranberries, potatoes, yams and a huge turkey for Christmas dinner. The light turned green and he moved across the intersection slowly…

crossing the street
that clunker finally died
he smiled bashfully
cars honked impatiently
others looked with apathy


Three word Wednesday: Apathy, Clunker, Bashful

Daily Moments – October 26, 2016 November gloom looms (troiku)

bouncy toddlers
soon approaching vapid days
adjoining nature

bouncy toddlers
a squirrel stops in hope for treats
giggles echo

soon approaching vapid days
darkness looms late afternoons
ghosts with skinny arms

adjoining nature
hunter spots from his hideout
doe eyes pleading

(c) Tournesol’16-10-26

Written for Three Word Wednesday :Vapid, bouncy, adjoining

Daily Moments – October 26, 2016  November gloom looms (troiku)

life’s too short (haibun)

Sometimes it is best not to know what some people think about you especially if it will only break your heart. It is so much easier seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses even if there is suffering in the world, why not let the good outweigh the bad?

ignorant of any misgivings
joyous to a fault

© Tournesol’16/05/27

Three Word Wednesday: Happy-go-lucky, ignorant. joyous

beached (troiku)


huddled together
gulls babble incessantly
feathers flap wildly

huddled together
waves keep rolling over
all watch with intrigue

gulls babble incessantly
a habit they so cherish
eyeing their new find

feathers flap wildly
shield this maiden – forsaken
damned goons left for dead

© Tournesol ’16/05/11

Written for ThreeWordWednesday: Babble, Cherish, Damned