a moment of grace ( haibun ) – Daily Moments Sept 17/17

Parminder struggled thinking of her upcoming battle against the man who had  assaulted her. He was well known and a successful professional..  Parminder was a mere insect caught in the web of this vicious spider.  He was there to stomp on her to rid society of this nuisance.

She wept on the phone as she spilled her sadness and  anger to her friend. “I am only female!  I am a just an immigrant!  I am trash that society cannot even look at;  I disgust them.”

“Her friend listens.

“How can anyone amount to anything when she has been groomed in garbage since she was born?” She cries for the child who was abused since she was a young child.

Her friend waits until there is a pause, then responds.

“What about the flower that starts to grow from the bottom of a pond in the muck and rises above the muddy waters, blossoms into a magnificent lotus?  Did it not come from sludge? What about the beta fighter who thrives in mud puddles?  Is it not admired in Western worlds for its beauty and endurance?  The world does not always know where beautiful and resilient people come from.”

There is nothing more precious when two people sharing a moment of grace simultaneously.

butterfly flutters
fanning its wings on her hand,
my cheek tickles


222 words

This is longer than the required 150 words at Heeding Haiku for Chèvrefeuille but it is a true story about despair and hope.  Also since it totaled 222 words and my mother’s numbers were 2 and she was born June 22nd, I knew I just had to share it.

Daily Moments September 17  2017  A moment of grace  Haibun


Daily Moments – September 10 2017 shade (troiku)

Since today is World Suicide Prevention Day, my writing today may attempt to spread this awareness.

posing like a star

casting shadows
shading old wounds

seeking the light
from dark places

posing like a star
yet, hangs on to dear life
falling leaves






© Cheryl-Lynn R. ’16

Daily Moments – September 10 2017  shade  (troiku)

Haiku Horizons Prompt: Shade

on stubbornness (troiku)

(c) Clr’16

a troiku

you say black
forever trapped
dogged old ways

you say black
another may say white
same old debates

forever trapped
before your time

dogged old ways
life’s diversity
lacking shades of grey


Daily reflections on Stubbornness – September 9/17 (troiku)

Troiku’s a new form of haiku created by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

laughter (troiku)

© Caroline Michaud Photographe

long ago memories
lighthearted and free spirited
always made her smile

long ago memories
pretending to be so confident
trembling in her skin

lighthearted and free spirited
if only she’d caught this virus
life is beautiful

always made her smile
belly laughs
set her free


Daily moments – laughing (troiku) September 7  2017

Daily Moments – September 6  2017  tropical casualties (Solo no renga)


earth wind and water
vying for control
egos sinking

man waits in a puddle
feeble solicitude

butterfly flutters
birds raise their nests
ants digging deeper

creation pleading
Mother Nature mourns

antiseptic tears
in prayer we wait


Daily Moments – September 6  2017  tropical casualties (Solo no renga)

therapy of writing

© Clr’16

In the silence of the day
writing tales of such despair
quietens the soul

quietens the soul
misery released out in the air
sigh of gentle calm


Daily moments   therapy of writing   September 2  2017


Daily Moments 2017/09/02 rising winds ~ troiku

© Cheryl-Lynn R. ’17

September enters
a million leaves applauding
sudden rising winds

September enters
wrapped in woolen shawl
under clear blue skies

a million leaves applauding
preparing for autumn’s playground
bed of crunchy leaves

sudden rising winds
flying hats and pleated skirts
whistling boys’ delight


Daily Moments September 2 2017 rising winds  ~ troiku