an autumn leaf (tan renga)

now it reveals its hidden side
and now the other—thus it falls,
an autumn leaf © Ryokan Taigu

spilling a faint light
easing safer passage


The “hokku” we had to use today at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, is Ryokan’s Jisei (death-poem):

ura wo mise omote wo misete chirua momiji

now it reveals its hidden side
and now the other—thus it falls,
an autumn leaf

© Ryokan Taigu

first day in May (Troibun) Daily Moments – Tan Renga

Aw, finally spring is really here!  She loves May for many reasons…budding blossoms giving hope, lilac trees burgeon and tulips reaching to the sky in so many brilliant colours.   She remembers as a young child in primary school, the month of May meant she was allowed to go out on a school night.  She would put on her Mary Jane’s that her mother had brought from the shoemaker.  The taps had been added on the tip and heels. They said it was to prevent the wearing of the shoes. But she just loved to hear the clickety click when walking on the sidewalk to church.  She would change into something pretty, bring a sweater for the walk back home and of course place her rosary in her little purse.

Clickety click, and on she went but entering the church the clicks echoed so loudly, even tip-toeing made heads turn. Old ladies with thin lips and silly hats frowned disapprovingly but there were always one or two that knew her mother or grandmaman and nodded approving her presence to recite the evening rosary to  Mother Mary.


first day in May
walking through the park
lovers hand in hand

first day in May
begins the month of Mary
droning Hail Mary’s

walking through the park
hair blowing in the wind
cherry blossoms wave

lovers hand in hand
kiss under the cherry tree
petal on her nose


Daily Moments – First day in May (Troibun)

I had not read the meme properly and just realized we were to write a tan renga…since it is May 1st, I can’t help keeping the same theme as my daily thoughts.


on a gust of wind
the cherry blossoms dance through the streets
in praise of the Creator

© Chèvrefeuille
girls clutch their rosary,
month of Mother Mary begins

©Tournesol ‘17/05/01

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – Tan Renga

renga (Carpe Diem Haiku Kai)

waves come into the cove
one at a time {Jane Reichold 2000}

silent mist sprays
over our nakedness


sandals in petals
yet he’s so poor
his hat’s a sack {Matsuo Basho}

my starving artist
fills me plenty


sleeping outdoors
with friends
summer constellations {Matsuo Basho}

backs on ticklish grass
seven sisters beaming


Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – Renga

hidden verses (tan renga)

Here is a lovely haiku created by poetess, Pat R aka  JazzyTowers at Thoughts and Entanglements we are to complete this hokku in this Tan Renga Challenge at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

wisteria sways –
pendulous blossoms in breeze
unspoken promise (Pat R)

Our mentor/host completed a stunning renga for this Tan Renga challenge:

wisteria sways –
pendulous blossoms in breeze
unspoken promise (Pat R)

drinking tea on the veranda
the sweet perfume of blue rain (Chèvrefeuille)

Now I am going to attempt to complete this beautiful hokku:

wisteria sways –
pendulous blossoms in breeze
unspoken promise (Pat R)

safe for a soft whisper
drifting in the zephyr

only nature hears
implicit lyrics float
with a lilt