making room for Thanksgiving – daily moments Oct 7/17

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the leaves were dancing,
waving with the wind
a young man fished
as the sun set

the sun hides
behind heavy clouds

nature sleeps
cleaning debris
time to muse

nature sleeps
giving time to mend
busy harvest days

cleaning debris
soul searching

time to muse
brooding over life’s gifts
Thanksgiving day


In  honour of Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.


silence of the fans (troiku – tanka) Daily Moments September 28 2017

temperatures plummet
cool breeze whistles
bonne nuit

temperatures plummet
even the cicadas
nature sleeps

cool breeze whistles
twilight serenade

bonne nuit
catching up
stories of the night


heatwave lifts
silence in the home
roar of monsters sleep
until summer


Daily moments – September 28 2017 silence of the fans 

Departure 28, 29 and 30 (Autumn Retreat 2017)

Departure #28 night traveller (Troibun)


traveling all night
pleasant leisure distractions
eyes flutter

travelling all night
so many strange places
yet, familiar

pleasant leisure distractions
finally worries
take a backseat

eyes flutter
taking in every scene
my movie screen

Such an offensive shrill pulls me  aggressively from my dream. Keeping my eyes closed trying with all my might, to slip back on that journey.  I put on my eye mask filling my eyes with darkness…hoping, waiting for the train to pass.



A troiku is a new form of haiku created by Chevrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai and this troibun was written for Carpe Diem’s August Retreat 2017  and the theme is “Departure



Departure #29 last embrace (tanka)

sun rising
in its splendour
dusk hastens light of day
nighttime’s last embrace

(c) Tournesol’17


Departure #30
necessary endings (haibun)

Endings can be so difficult. No one wants to say goodbye to frolicking in an open field, making sand castles on a sunny beach or walking along a park in open sandals. One just feels so much lighter! It tastes like freedom. Moreover, despite the rich blankets of gold and amber, it is so darn hard to let go of this period. Just like the child that says, “Just five more minutes, please!” so he can say up a little bit later, resisting the end of a day.

carefree summer
soon comes to an end
sombreness lingers
less time to play
 shorter days

walking home alone
path filled with fallen leaves
winter’s calling me

© Tournesol ’17


At Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, Chévrefeuille has created an Autum Retreat from July 15th to August 15th…30 days – theme is departure  These are my last three entries.


path to nothingness (haibun)


From On the Road, Suzanne has chosen the following quote to inspire us to write in our favoured waka form.

“As we turn every corner of the Narrow Road to the Deep North, we sometimes stand up unawares to applaud and we sometimes fall flat to resist the agonizing pains we feel in the depths of our hearts. There are also times when we feel like taking to the roads ourselves, seizing the raincoat lying near by, or times when we feel like sitting down till our legs take root, enjoying the scene we picture before our eyes.” – Soruyo

Thinking back when her children were little and stress had a way of creeping into the household. So often she would pack up a blanket, a healthy lunch and off they walked (her son biked) and she pushed the stroller for the younger one to the fort by the rapids. It was a mile to get there or 1.6km and if the children had behaved, they would walk to the wading pool half a mile away and maybe get a sundae at MacDonald’s across the street. The road taken then was to “stay above float” and it happened to make everyone content.

Sometimes, at the end of the day when the children’s father returned from work, they would plan a family bike outing, but before, she would take a “mommy run” to check on her bike she would say. What she actually did was ride very fast, wind blowing in her face, removing the “dust of her day” and by the time she was by the rapids, she was cleansed and became a person. She was not a mother, a wife, a daughter, a woman, a friend, a volunteer, a counsellor…she was one simple person.

roar of the rapids
inhaling every woe
announcing hope
water splashing at her feet
droplets giggle with joy

Once the stress of the day had dissipated into the current, washed away and moving on to the basin of the river, she felt lighter. Her shoulders rose naturally and she sat with her spine straight without a thought in the world…no dreams were necessary…

rolling white caps
just sitting – not wanting
contentment infused

©Tournesol ’17/07/18

Daily Moments    reflections in the dark  July 15 2017

At Virtual Haiku on Facebook, we are asked to write a haiku to the photo shown This inspired me to write several and so I decided to use one of my photos and add the haiku and one tanks below. Also the prompt at HaikuHorizons this week is also dark.


stored in dark corners

dusk revealing
untold secrets
another time

twilight mysteries
alluring and entertaining
hoot of an owl

embrace your fears
attune to uncertainty
insights may appear

childhood secrets
hiding in the dark – away,
from their happy place
carved into the crevices
of their soul

©Tournesol ’17/07/15

Daily Moments    reflections in the dark  July 15 2017