Pedicularis (Indian Warrior)


on borrowed roots
magenta stems and feathered leaves
flowers blossom
nature’s herbal sedative
chasing man-made miseries


warrior’s plume
favour woodlands gracefully
nature’s beauty


To read more about the medicinal properties of Pedicularis Densiflora click the link below:

Pedicularis Densiflora  (Indian Warrior)

Written for CDHK

Thanks to Chèvrefeuille for his tireless daily meme and teaching us a little bit about the world each day.



sweet memories (troiku)

A troiku is a new haiku form created by our host, Chèvrefeuille.  I often write a tanka and take a step back for a moment or two and sometimes, convert it into a troiku.

This was my original tanka.

hopelessly waiting
sitting under the maple tree
looking for a sign
butterfly seeking nectar
oh, sweet melancholy!

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childish yearnings
sitting under the maple tree
looking for a sign

childish yearnings
waiting for your presence
foolish desires

sitting under the maple tree
whence you’d sing me fables
melancholy breeze

looking for a sign
butterfly’s sipping nectar
candy-coated dreams



Inspired by this waka by princess Kagami ; (7th century): This “waka” was written in response on a sedoka written by her younger sister Princess Nukada, the most famous female poet of her time.


Even a breeze may fail me
When I desire it.
Little I should grieve,
If only, sure of its coming,
I could await even a breeze.

© Princess Kagami

Our host’s contribution:
through tears
cherry blossoms scattered
by the breeze

© Chèvrefeuille


Daily Moments on this 7th day of June – Change (haibun)

When a friend or colleague leaves I have to be reminded that change is good and if I expect the unexpected in life, I will rarely be disappointed.

© Clr’17

“change is a constant”
says the caterpillar
“follow the flow”.
butterfly sips sweet nectar
daisies by the riverside


Daily Moments on this 7th day of June – Change 


unpredictable muse (free verse – tanka)

staring at the screen
nothing happens
what is wrong with me?
I want to scream!
not a word comes
not even a phrase
from my empty head.

when that moment hails
and inspiration does not fail
what a feeling to be had
poetry in motion

alas it’s not tonight
the words will come
another day
until then I shall walk
around the parks
and search among the trees
to my muse they may talk

I feel a tanka brewing
in the back of my mind
yay, a line or two or three or five
to finally end my day


wind at my back
riding on my bicycle
taking in the view
shops, bistros and patios
summer’s around the bend


Daily Moments June 7, 2017 unpredictable muse 


Daily Moments – May 13, 2017 – Mother’s Day (haibun)

Flowers are lovely gifts and some are fragrant and sweet.  Treated to a brunch or dinner is nice too. If the weather stays mild, BBQ’s are the rage for many families as well.  But deep down all I need to really hear is, “I love you, Mom.”  This is a set of words in any language, that goes straight to the heart.

So, you know those commercials that tug at your heartstrings…and the hallmark cards that seem to say it better than you…don’t worry…they don’t say it better!  Just those four little words are more than you know and poetry to the ears of any mother…trust me.

This is a weekend, ever since I can remember, I would use the English language and try to share my thoughts and feelings that filled my heart.  This was a time I may have rhymed a line or two but mostly, I’d tell her how much she is important to me.

Time to visit her new home and set some flowers and say a few words.  Tell her how much she is missed and in my thoughts every single day.

I am thankful for the love she swaddled me in as an infant. I am grateful she looked at me and saw only beauty and success. How could I not succeed in life with such confidence in me, she mirrored each and every day?!

I’m so happy she was there every step of the way even when I had my babies.  She taught me how to bathe them and gave me permission to be a tigress and hold them as long as they needed me and  showed me that was true mothering and loving, not spoiling at all.

I’m glad my children were blessed with the greatest Nanny on earth, who made them laugh and kissed their bobos too.

I still remember one Mother’s Day morning being served a sweet breakfast of (uncooked) chocolate pudding  and I’ve never managed to make anything quite as delicious.

So maybe this weekend I will look at old movies and play old tunes that she loved so much…definitely, sounds like a plan for the weekend.

missing you
today and tomorrow
‘til we meet again
sliding down a rainbow – or,
swinging on a brilliant star

Until then, keep visiting me as a blue butterfly;  keep making signals on my mobile phone, tickle me in my ear or visit me in my dreams.


Daily Moments –  May 13, 2017 – Mother’s Day  (haibun)

Written for Mother’s Day AND LindaGHill’s Friday reminder and prompt for SoCS May 13, 2017: Language

Happy Mother’s Day, Linda!


Daily Moments -May 12, 2017 – blessed day (Troibun)




Awakening to the bright sunshine allowed her to take this to mean it would be a hopeful day. Finally a pleasant spring day in May, compared to the cool damp day the days before.


sun shining
belated sprouts triumph

sun shining
with good intentions

belated sprouts triumph
respecting delicate ties
reborn again

building strength
weathering storms

As she walked out the door to catch her bus, the sky was overcast. Slightly disappointed, she sighed and checked her mailbox and a glow of sunshine reappeared.

avid reader smiles
a poet, writer…
long distance friend
turning to the first page
she takes a deep breath

Whispering the first line… “Don’t forget to breathe”. BLUR, by Sreejit Poole, 2016


Blur by Sreejit Poole, 2016Amazon – Canada Amazon – USA

Sreejit Poole is also a poet and blogger you can visit at TheSeekersDungeon

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Daily Moments -May 12, 2017 – blessed days (Troibun)


perfum d’espoir (troibun)

There is nothing like the feeling of rich dark soil slip through your fingers when planting a garden. Gloves will only rob you of that sense of life at your fingertips. Think about the erotic sensation of a piece of  cheese cake or decadent truffles; feel the smooth richness on your tongue…

arching their bodies
nature’s sweet arousal
nestling in its moistness
in and out, in and out
worms surrender blissfully


autumn’s last harvest
winter’s table scraps
black gold of gardeners

autumn’s last harvest
feeding sod nutrients
leftover leaves

winter’s table scraps
Mother Nature’s caviar
salivating worms

black gold of gardeners
putrefying stench
parfum de la vie


A troiku is a new haiku form created by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

Written for Poetics Tuesday Dverse-Poetics Pub- Soil Poetics

Today at DversePoetsPub, Björn Rudberg (brudberg) in Poetics wants you to write poetry about soil. This is what he says:

“To me soil is both the source of life, and destiny for death. Soil is where we come from and soil you’ll be:

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

I both love and hate the scent of mulch. I love the growth and fear decay. I love to walk barefoot in warm dirt, but afterwards I wash my feet.
Soil gives grain for bread, but when the weather fails we die of hunger.
Soil is friend and foe.

There are many synonyms for soil: mulch and compost, dirt and grime, earth and ground all reflect the soil and various values we attribute to its worth.
Soil can be metaphors for land and country, for home and nations. For war and peace and for the roots of trees.
Taste the soil or bite the dust, bring me poetry from what you sense in soil.
Be gravedigger or gardener, be soil of your origin and dig it deep.