Welcome Emma…


Welcome dear dear Emma to this world on this 14th day of June, 2013.

Mama and Papa and all your family are so pleased you are here.  Mama especially can rest assured that you are well; that you have 5 fingers on each hand and 5 toes on each foot:)

Life for Marie will never be the same now that you have entered her life…the sky will be bluer, the sun will shine brighter and the stars will twinkle more.

Lovely, beautiful Emma…Luv, hugs and kisses,

Auntie Cheryl-Lynn aka NanaLynn

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Children killing children?

me as a child942375_382272448543747_1790382481_n

Toddlers and pre-school children are supposed to laugh until they pee their pants, play with silly putty, draw, paint with their hands and feet, walk barefoot in mud puddles, make mud pies, pee in the pool, eat chocolate cake with their hands and smear the frosting on their chubby cheeks, jump on their beds, make houses with the couch cushions…okay, alright already…maybe play games on the computer or  tablet  but the mud puddles are way more fun!   Am I right?

Well, I hate to burst your bubble, folks.  I just logged on to Facebook,  before I get ready for a nice long weekend of leisure….no problems…not worrying about the world,  not worrying about youths in crisis because I know if they call the youth line where I work, they will be in excellent hands.  I can just feel free like a butterfly until I saw THIS…{I have no clue how to embed links so sorry for that}

Toddlers Killed more Americans than Terrorists did this year!


If you are like me, you will NOT  have be able to read the entire article…skimming quickly through tears was about all I could manage. What is going on people?!!! Of course I am anti-gun but still I am willing to live and let live…and if parents like to go hunting….well lock up the friggin weapons!!! Keep them in a place no ONE will get to or find.  Maybe, just maybe, when you are all done with your hunting trips…how about locking up the weapons in a POLICE warehouse somewhere….guarded by real MEAN guards!!

{I am so stark raving MAD right now…anger is so much better to handle than intense sadness}.Notice how I have used ONLY the term WEAPONS!  That is what they are.  They are made to KILL. Aw, yes, you will say but it is for killing animals. Hmmm, last I checked the same ammunition actually CAN and DOES KILL HUMANS.

I am just so angry, sad, frustrated….now this did NOT make my start of a great weekend…THIS is the reason I don’t watch the news or buy newspapers…guess I am going to have to cut Facebook because there is always someone who wants to  share bad news:(

Maybe this was a bad Thursday the 13th hoax…I am hoping that perhaps this is a hoax…yeah, that`s it! It may be a hoax that has gone viral…yeah, that must be it…

PS. if this IS true, no matter how frustrating this is, my heart goes out for the grieving parents…I cannot begin to imagine their grief:(

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, June 13, 2013

Cycling rant:(

Okay, time to write a RANT about cyclists.  This is NOT addressed to courteous cyclists.   And yes I realize the cyclists have to be doubly careful on the city streets…{all the more reason to wear a helmet and have a BELL on your bike}.  It could actually save YOUR life and the other pedestrian too!! 

I realize some people will be offended by this rant…but hey, if the shoe don’t fit…stop fretting!! and if it does fit…!

All we need to do is co-operate more, folks!!! 

Respect – co-operate – Respect!

I won’t even go as far to say that cyclists are the “silent killers” as a local politician in Australia said.


This rant is not addressed to youths either,  who do tend to forget…I totally understand that.

But it IS addressed to SOME cyclists who are adults, especially in big cities who have no care BUT for themselves.  The ones who do NOT have cars or drive on regular basis are probably the worse because they don’t always see what it is like on the other side…there still are some drivers who are scared silly to hit a cyclist…some of us drivers who actually care.

To these cyclists, I ask? Why do I HAVE to always  do a 360 degree take with my poor sore head/neck?  I feel like the girl in the Exorcist every time I drive in Montreal or Toronto but Montreal is MUCH WORSE and I have to admit that “some” Toronto drivers are NOT courteous with cyclists…not at all…That’s why I always wore a helmet in Toronto and did add a bell to my bike.

To the cyclist who may say, “Hey, I rang my bell but the pedestrian could not hear with their ear buds in.”   I say “If the pedestrian was walking on a green light or crossing a street where there is a STOP sign or at a  CROSS WALK…why didn’t you stop?”

All we need to do is co-operate more, folks!!! 

Respect – co-operate – Respect!

As a pedestrian, I also have a beef…yep, I am on a roll now!!   Many cyclists complain that cars are not careful and are rude and cut them off, sometimes literally drive them off the road…I get that and I agree that we should shoot the driver!!…some drivers are morons too!!

But I also hear cyclists say that they have every right on the road just like a car. Okay, FINE, then MAKE YOUR STOPS AT THE RED LIGHTS MORONS!!  At the stop signs AT LEAST SLOW DOWN and if you are going to ride through GET A F%#@!~/G BELL ON YOUR BIKE TO WARN THE POOR PEDESTRIAN YOU ALMOST  RAN OVER!!!

As a pedestrian, when I cross at a GREEN light I still check on both sides in case a car decides to own the road no matter what…after all, we are in Quebec and we do have a reputation to drive recklessly …but I don’t always see the bike down the street…you are so much smaller and pardon me, but  I AM CROSSING AT A GREEN LIGHT!!…
Today I was driving to work and 3 young women were riding their bikes 3 by 3…yuppers THREE by THREE!  We are in a big city but hey, these cyclists have decided that the streets belong to them. I had to drive very slowly, wait until there was no longer an ongoing car on my left and made a huge swerve…Did the cyclists take the Hint?  Nope!  Worse yet, at a cross walk, an elderly woman was trying to cross…I am stopped to let her go by and the cyclists just whiz by…the lady had to stop in the middle of the street …WAY TO GO LOVELY LADIES!!…someday you will be old and this will happen to you too…KARMA …AWWWWW it is my only revenge…

End of rant…CL

Diamond Jubilee Medal – Addendum

 image003 (1)

At the reception with all those fancy shmancy people (corporate donors, upper management), regional directors along with  counsellors, colleagues and volunteers, I was feeling pretty calm.  I was allowed a guest, so I had invited a long time, former colleague and friend, Kelly, who I had not seen in years!  I was pleased to have  her “witness” this moment with me. It was also great to have my best friend and colleague, Maria,  receive this honour with me too!  There could not be a more perfect evening than this!…until…

It was especially wonderful getting to talk to a volunteer who also was recipient for this honorable award. How she touched my heart!  Her daughter had been bullied A LOT and she had taken her life!  I felt an imaginary boxing glove sock it to me right in the solar plexus and then tears started filling my eyes. I remember the series of suicides in that area of the country 2+ years ago. It had impacted me the most in my entire career working on this youth line.  What struck me were the stories shared in the media and how I had recognized one youth as a teen to whom I had spoken…I felt so guilty and powerless.

Now here I was facing this amazing woman, grief-stricken mother,  and volunteer who goes to schools to talk about bullying and spread the word to get help and not take your life.  I told her I remember speaking to a girl at that time and how sad I had felt.   She just smiled and tried to comfort ME!  She kept thanking me for doing the wonderful work that we do on this youth line.

This wonderful woman…this amazing soul, mother, angel of grace deserved this medal more than she can ever know!  She has shared her story month after month…she has spread the word that our youth line is an option and she has saved so many youths from taking their lives…so much more than she will ever know.  How fitting that SHE received such an honour…The Great Spirit has created some amazing angels of mercy …Pam, this amazing woman and her daughter, Jenna who continues to be a part of that important message…Don’t ever give up…there is help.

And so when I received this medal, I opened the box and looked at the medal and tears welled up again. I noticed how it resembled my step-father’s medal he received from the army for having fought in World War II.  And I…an ordinary person like me who did nothing extraordinary was holding this medal in my hand now!  How my step-father and Mom would have been proud of me today!

My thoughts went back to Pam and her extraordinary courage for sharing her story with youths day after day despite the pain it must bring to her.  How I feel honoured and thankful to have met this woman. For over 2 years I have carried this guilt and fear whenever I get a similar call nowadays.  I had not realized how much I had been moved by this tragedy.

If it had not been for my having this opportunity to go up to Toronto, thank you Kathy, to receive this medal…thank you Kids Help Phone, I would never had met this outstanding person, Pam…I accept this Diamond Jubilee medal in honour of  your Jenna.  Thank you!


© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, June 6, 2013

Emma, where are you?

941982_10151632880653701_1657842491_nLet me tell you a little story that comes from the heart of your Maman and Papa.

Once upon a  long long time ago there was a princess in Canada and far far far away there was a prince in St- Lucia. Well, the prince searched and searched for his princess on his itsy bitsy isle in the Caribbean. So off he sailed to the colder side of the world…even the cold was worth it if he could find his forever loving princess.

Hey, wait!  I already blogged about this!  Okay so


Emma, if you want to learn more about life BEFORE you were fabricated (conceived…gross for a daughter to even fathom)


Check out blog:  http://wp.me/p2RsU0-9z  and have Maman or Papa read it to you.

Emma, Emma, what are you doing?  You are anxiously awaited by so many people but485521_10151632880498701_152135337_n especially by your Maman and Papa.  Maman has loved you before even feeling your little jumps and twirls in her tummy.

Yep, and Papa has been singing and talking to you so you could recognize his voice when you finally come into this world.
Yep, and Papa has been singing and talking to you so you could recognize his voice when you finally come into this world.

Yep, and Papa has been singing and talking to you so you could recognize his voice when you finally come into this world.

Maman has felt you knocking on that door to come out many many times and it appears it is either stuck or you have decided to stay in the warmth and safety of this home…Maman’s womb…well, I can’t say that I blame you.  You get fed with no effort on your part, you get to float in the warm waters of this home and you are safe…but there isn’t that much room, sweetie…so time to meet your parents now.

You have Grand-Maman and Grand-Papa  Savard who are so anxious to hold you too and take you for stroller rides.
You have Grand-Maman and Grand-Papa Savard who are so anxious to hold you too and take you for stroller rides.

You have Grand-Maman and Grand-Papa Savard who are so anxious to hold you too and take you for stroller rides.

You have an auntie that can't wait to hold you in her arms.
You have an auntie that can’t wait to hold you in her arms.

Maman has a soul sister who will be your auntie…boy oh boy, how she can’t wait to hold you in her arms!

037 094 051

You have  sooooooo many aunties, uncles, cousins and close friends who will also become your aunties and uncles just counting the days until they hear the news of Emma’s arrival.

046  043

Oh, and even Grand-Maman Camille who could not travel from the isle of St-Lucia to see your maman and papa make their vows of love…she has moved mountains (well small ones because they can be just so big on that teeny isle)…and she too will be here to see you when you enter this world.

947381_10151632908613701_997576748_nSo, Emma, it is time to leave that little bubble and enter this world of love, affection and  compassion. Trust me, Emma, you will, by no means, lack love and attention…dearest, sweetest Emma…Maman t’attend hâtivement…tes parents attendent avec enthousiasmes afin de te chanter des petites berceuses…et des  tendres refrains  d’amour.  Parce-que tu sais, Emma, tes parents sont des grand amateurs et amants de musique.  Tant qu’il y a de la musique et de l’amour dans ta vie, chère Emma, il y a de la vie éternelle remplis de bonheur car le cœur chante aussi…ton cœur chantonnera au premier soupire dans ce monde.

Welcome – Bienvenue to this wonderful life,  Emma!


Having you here will make this world so much better:)

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, June 5, 2013

Diamond Jubilee Medal…me?

The universe sure has a way of rearranging the stars so things can happen.  I think that`s because the universe has many helpers…mega-stars and angels floating in the cosmos.  An amazing angel who touched me {KM} shifted some of those stars to reach {SW} and {AJ}  and I am pretty sure {SM) had a hand in it too,  to make way in the sky for me to reach out and receive a very very special award.

This post is a bit more than “Something I just have to share” because it should really be “Something I am bursting to share”.  I am filled with so many mixed  emotions today, pride, elation, compassion and especially, gratefulness!! Last night I received an email from our head office requesting my presence for an award that I and several of my colleagues were to receive this coming Monday in Toronto.  Well, it is a 6 hour drive from my home and to tell you the truth, I had forgotten the date thinking that I probably could not have made it down there anyways.

Well, lo and behold, the universe certainly does provide.  The President`s administrative assistant arranged to make things happen…Thank you, Kathy:)…Merci, Alain and Thank you, Sharon and Susan!  Thank you Bella Maria for allowing to crash at your place:)

To receive this award, to be even nominated by my colleagues and managers is the greatest honour for me.  And let`s be honest, at my age {no spring chicken here!} I don`t think I will be getting many more awards of this standing…it IS an honour to be recognized as someone who actually deserves this.

All I really do is going to a job that I adore…it`s so easy when you are passionate about what you do.  Anyone reading this, who loves to write understands that part, right?  It is not a chore when you love what you do…you are enjoying yourself during that time…period.

So, I wanted to share this with my readers.  I am standing tall, back straight, shoulders pulled back and chest sticking out, chin up with pride…

So I will be travelling on Monday and Tuesday travelling back;  I am taking lieu time from  the Victoria’s Day…yes, la Fête de la Reine {how àpropos} to receive this Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal!!  

Sneak peek at my invitation that I have on my wall at home:)

image003 (1)

You and a guest are cordially invited to attend

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal Reception

Monday June 3, 2013

TIFF Bell Lightbox

TIFF Lounge, Toronto, On.

The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals awarded by a youth line who recognize individuals whose extraordinary efforts have helped to transform the lives of thousands of young people across Canada every week.

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, May 31, 2013

American Beauty

watchingtherainI was bored on this rainy weekend and so decided to watch a few movies on my PVR.  One of the movies I watched was American Beauty.  I had seen it before but somehow watching it for the 3rd or 4th time, there are scenes that hit me, you know, when you read a book 10 years later or watch a movie when you are in a different frame of mind, different phase of your life?

The part of Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening’s marriage falling apart is pretty clear.  It is amazing and yet so sad, how each person is in a different space and oblivious of each other. Wife is dealing with her own issues, husband feels unloved and is bored with his life, daughter is just a typical teenager but unfortunately her parents are both not really present for their daughter…too caught up in their misery.

The part that gets to me from the start is the family next door.  I feel for the son with a father so tied up with his “should” and “should nots”.  Perhaps the military reinforced those “should’s” but it is sad that each person in that family is so impacted with his toxic behaviour. I had not remembered the ending…wonder why I wiped that from my memory!  It just broke my heart to see that!! I guess it is that defense mechanism that I have always had that “forgets” instantly.

I really felt sad but not surprised that this military man was homophobic and again not surprised that he had homosexual desires…but to end the way it did floored me.  I would have understood if he would have taken his own life but not this…

As Kevin Spacey narrates in the end, it dawned on me just how short life is and how precious it is…Nite world. Clr

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, Mayt 26, 2013

What is UP with the gas gouging??:(

1270317843i7t8u91.jpgOkay, so this is certainly NOT a new topic for anyone on this planet but still.  I can’t get over these past 2 weeks with the prices of fuel going up and down 10 cents in the space of 2 days!  Granted it would go down by Wednesday and up by Friday and down again Tuesday and the stupid blasted gouging would continue.  But I would notice 5 to 7 cents but lately it is so blatantly high and then low!!

I wish they would pick ONE price for 6 months or at least for 3 months.  Sheeesh!! If I had a business, I may be able to get around this a bit because I would be getting back the gst…I think I remember listening to CJAD  (800 AM Montreal) a few months ago.  The financial advisor was chatting during his weekly show about that.

We are such a pacific population…we bitch, whine, complain, write some letters here and there, sign petitions, blog the hog out of our systems but nothing changes.  I wish I could answsers abou tthis but I do agree that I am a bit lazy and passive too Isuppose…don’t take the time to try to understand how we get screwed.  Of course my rationale has been for a long time, “Well, at least we don’t have the prices they have in Europe.”  But that still does not explain the constant fluctuating prices that are very annoying.

Good night world!

Love you Mom:)

2013-02-03 02.15.50Mother’s Day is tomorrow.  I was out shopping today and I could not believe how much traffic there was, how much the malls were packed with cars and I thought to myself, “Wow, there sure a lots and lots of people who sure do love their mom!”  I mean, the traffic, and the stores were busy as if it was Christmas…really!!

It warmed my heart to see how busy business was on this weekend.  I was spending the evening with friends who were have a Mother’s Day dinner with family as well and it was really nice to see how festive this day is…still!

Tomorrow I will be visiting my mom at the nursing home and no matter how much she has changed…this is still HER day.  Mom who did so much for me and my sister and my children. Mom, who was selfless in all her actions and loved everyone with so much passion.  She cannot recognize people now but her love and passion and affection still shines through…she still grips our hands when we reach out to her, she still kisses my hand and my cheeks with passion and love.

On this visit, it will be a double pleasure as I will be accompanied by my son and he too will be a witness to his grandmother’s love and passion.  He too will make a difference in her day tomorrow and certainly his presence makes a huge difference in my day tomorrow as well because it is also MY day.

Love you Mom…Happy Mother’s Day xxxx

©Cheryl-Lynn Roberts

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