Got my mommy fix:)

I know it sounds silly for someone my age…I’m a mom of 2 adults children, a grandmother and yet…going to see Mom this morning…waiting for her to wake up…like I was a kid and she would work late hours as a hairdresser back in the ’50’s…I let her sleep in because I knew she was tired.  When she would wake up, she would smile …always have that look that mothers have when they adore their children…that look that said how special I was to her.  It made me feel like sticking out my chubby chest (kids were considered healthy only if chubby in those days).

She would put her hands in my hair and gently minouche me under my chin…sometimes squeeze those chubby cheeks (which I liked less) and gently flutter her finger on my neck.  I knew I was the best kid on the block when she did that!

911890_381459438635983_368133294_nThis morning, she was sleeping in her chair…I was stroking her hair and forehead gently…minouching her forehead just so she could feel a faint touch…she woke up gradually and reached out her hands…touched my hand with her left hand and lifted her right hand and touched my neck ever so gently…just a tender soft minouche…her eyes appeared a little less glazed for a split second…”Awwwwww I have my mom back!” I thought to myself with a smile.

We had a nice visit…I fed her lunch and I left feeling ready to brave the world this week ’cause I had my “mommy fix”.

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Visiting Mom and her demon friend

me as a childI need to visit Mom today.  I need to feel or remember that enormous love and bond we have…had.   I never question being loved when I am with Mom…EVER!    Her spirit, her soul, her heart is somewhere in her body…her mind has been invaded as well, poor mom no longer has to battle Worry and Insomnia…finally she is at peace but her demon has robbed me of her enchanting presence…how I miss her quirky remarks, her contagious laugh and her soothing arms around me.

I will visit her today…I need to drift off into my imagination…just hold her hand…she still kisses my hand and my face if I approach her close enough and whisper, “Hi Mum”…she sometimes holds her breath for a split second and she kisses me and holds my hand tightly…then I know for a split second she escaped the clutches of her own demon… and me nov 10 2012

Why did we want to grow up so fast?

165401_379170882187237_1147079981_n There is a cute image on Facebook with a child sitting on a tree branch and the inscription reads “Do you remember the time when we couldn’t wait to grow up? Hmm, what the hell were we thinking?” Yeah, I know eh? That just put me smack back into my youth…remembering…

It was so cool still believing in Santa Clause! It sure was nice thinking so many people in the world were nice…well, except for the people your mother may have warned you to be careful with…like strangers in cars…

Yeah, like the guy who stopped his car and opened his trunk asking my sister (8) and I (6 at the time) to help him with his spare tire. Now how weird is that?!!! My sister always being the helpful good samaritan did not hesitate to climb right into that trunk and I still remember backing away, tight lipped and a bit irritated that she was being so darn NICE…again! I did not want to help this weird old man (old is relative since at 6 anyone over 20 is OLD!).

So there my sister was in the trunk of the car, pulling and tugging at that spare tire until Mr. Riel, our friend and town taxi driver, drives right up next to the car and yells out nonchantally with a little smile…”Hey, kids, your mom was worried because you still have not come home from school.” And into the taxi we climbed; I remember feeling relieved and when we got home, our mother explained there had been complaints that a suspicious car was parked near our elementary school for the past week or so…and he wanted to steal kids and do who knows what with…{I had not clue what “who knows what” was but it felt REAL scary}.

Phew!! Were we ever saved in the nick of time!!

But we were still young and innocent…I still thought babies came from being blessed in a church in Holy Matrimony and that only promiscuous (bad girls) women had to do that other yucky thing to get a baby.

I still believed that there WAS a prince charming for me when I grew up EVEN though I did NOT look like Marilyn Monroe…but I sure daydreamed I was this curvy, sexy, platinum blonde woman with shoulder length hair and driving a fire truck RED convertible (Cadillac 1958). I kid you not!! That was my dream at 6!!…

I believed that good things happened to good people and that was that! That my grandmother would live forever and so would her dog, Princess. That my mom would look young and beautiful forever (now she looked like Bette Davis…for real!).

My heroes then were Marilyn Monroe, Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Elvis. As I grew up my first celebrity crush was Sidney Poitier, Stevie Wonder and John Lennon; and then admired Marie Curie and Mother Teresa …I believed those cute messages the Beatles wrote to their fans and cried and screamed when I saw the Rolling Stones AND Brian Jones.{Yes, I AM that old!} Boy life was simple then!

Of course as I age, I have to admit that slowly but surely I am eliminating things in my mind and life and not sweating the small stuff as much…so I guess by the time I hit 90 I may be as naive and free spirited as a young child. Amen to that and to innocence:)me as a child

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, April 21, 2013

You are way more beautiful than you think!

How many times do we misjudge ourselves, do not describe ourselves fully, correctly?  Do we actually use our own description or those words from others growing up…from friends who were not real friends…Watch this by clicking on the link below.  It is heartwarming and if you are like me, you will shed a tear or two…so get the tissue ready too.  But today, on this lovely sunny day, this video is about happy tears…those are sweet tasting:)  Enjoy…

You ARE Beautiful.

Sunny Day, sunny day…

It is a sunny day today which is pretty good since it is reflecting the burning sunshine in my heart this morning.  Like Lisa Kurdrow {Friends}  used to sing off key {probably better than me as I canNOT keep a tune}…I feel like making up a silly, goofy song anyways…{keep her voice and style in mind when reading on}

Sunny Day, Sunny Day,

Makes me feel so good today

Sunny Day, Sunny Day,

Makes me want to shout and say

I’m happy to no end today,

Feel silly like an adolescent

Feel like breathing in the essence

of my joy, my bliss that will fill my day.

Sunny Day, Sunny Day,

Makes me feel so good today!!!

Okay, it’s corny!  Who cares! If you stopped reading at the start of this…no worries.  Writing  and sharing my thoughts and feelings are pure joy for ME…so if someone out there has found some fun too…grrrrrrrrreat!  …Cher Shares

Being Mindful is probably a good thing…

I tried real hard NOT to listen to the news yesterday…wanted to get through my shift first…this morning I finally succumbed to turn onto CNN. The Governor, Attorney General, ATF and FBI were among several giving a press conference and in that little window to the right of my tv screen, I could see images, of events that took place since this terrible tragedy.

I have a difficult time admitting there is such a thing as evil and darkness in the world; probably my naïve nature. I stopped reading newspapers and listening to the news after 911…it just made me too sad and I could see myself slowly turning cynical. In order to do my work, encourage and comfort people…I had to make some important choices.
And so social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and amazing blogs on WordPress inform me…I can choose to read, or not read with the simple click of my mouse or swipe on my smart phone.

Having read a thought provoking and common sense blog this morning By Opinionated Man

Awareness versus Fear.

” it made me realise that it is true there is such a thing as darkness in the world. Perhaps I should accept it as part of nature…{Gosh that sounds so sad and cynical!} It reminds me of THUNDER when COLD air meets HOT air {Cold/calousness hits Hot/warmth of heart and soul} …I suppose there is a lot of polarity in nature, in humanity and in the universe…

I tend to NOT be privy of such things and perhaps that is just a defense mechanism …to be in denial, I don’t have to face the fact that there can be such cruelty and evil in the world. However, having read the wise words of Opinionated Man, it IS a good idea to be aware…not living fear but be mindful and alert of such things.

That said, my heart goes out to the families and friends who have lost a loved one to this senseless tragedy… also my thoughts and prayers go out to those injured…both physically and emotionally by this…

Things that make my day!

15921083-happy-young-woman-on-the-stepswind_blowing_in_my_hair_by_PITIKMIKMIKIt is sunny outside…the wind is blowing and feels like a steady breeze…that’s because it is a steady southerly breeze { my favourite sailing wind because it is steady and warm}. What could a person ask for more on a Monday to start my afternoon shift?

Okay, so there are some things that MATTER for a woman to turn things into good energy. A good night’s sleep…yep; a feline friend to greet you with minoushes and head butting on my hand to pet her too…yep; it’s hair day today and all the conditioners, oils and drying just seem to work in sync…yesssiree…and you feel like a million bucks…Yes, I do!

All of the above is enough to get you to grrrrreat start…but I have more.
I get a nice warm message from one special person…and if THAT is not enough, mia cara amica, Bella is coming to town this week!!! Woot Woot!!! Que j’a hate !! per darvi grande abbraccio mia amica !!! xxx000 {if there are mistakes, you get the gist Bella, right?}

And so out the door I go, with backpack filled with dinner and warm clothes to come home late in the night…azure blue skies, sun warming my face and the wind flowing just “right” in my hair.

Work for 4 hours, then training for volunteer work another 3 hours…Rather than feel frazzled with my busy day…I feel pumped. I am pretty sure it is also because I am starting something new too. I love to learn new things, love to work my mind and when it is enhanced with compassionate work helping people in mental health miieu…It’s just like trying on a brand new pair of glasses…the lenses may be just a bit clearer…I am going to learn a little bit more and see just a bit different and enhanced. My vision will be tweaked here and there.

THAT is the beauty of training and volunteering…you learn for FREE and you can practise all this new knowledge while helping people.

Getting ready for Oprah…

A whole day off to get some errands done, relax and get pampered at the hairdresser.  THAT is a luxury for me as I usually fix my hair myself and usually do a great job.  Being the daughter of a hairdresser and having spent a gazillion hours in front of a mirror in my mom`s Home beauty salon, I got to try lots of things.  So for me to like this hairdresser and the way she cuts and sets hair means she is DARN good!! Jess Hair2Go …actually her name is Jessica Sylvia but that would be a catchy name for a hair Salon.

Why the special pampering at my hairdresser today? I won 2 tickets to see Oprah LIVE at the Montreal Bell Centre tonight!! Woot – woot!…She is an amazing woman that I admire for her perserverance, her talent as a reporter, business woman,  actor and just all amazing person and philanthropist.

+ I have never been at the Bell Centre EVER!!…it was built around the time I moved to Toronto and just never had the opportunity…so it is a big deal for me tonight.  + I am going with my son who is 30 something and it`s just nice and rare that a man would accompany his mom to see OPRAH!! I am very proud of my son and love him dearly.


Just got back and OPRAH is amazing!  She is a philosopher of some sort now and shares messages that are quite closely related to finding our purpose…lots of things of which I have been blogging about and thinking very profoundly.  So what does that say to me?  That tells me that I am right smack where I should be in my life…this lecture tonight just reaffirmed all that I have been exploring and aming form.

So be it…it was an amazing evening and so nice to share with my son:)

Nite world!

A tragic loss…

Tragic loss in 2013

Another soul destroyed, another heart broken and alas, a life is lost. Rehtaeh Parsons took her life this week… The tragedy in Nova Scotia has surely hit the hearts of most people in the country and with the media as well as all over the world.  My heart goes out to the Parsons’family and the community.  I have no doubt that everywhere,  mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, youths and adults all grieve this terrible loss.

I think of the students at school and the mixed emotions that fill them.  How do they handle this?  A tragic death…a person living with so much despair, takes her life not knowing what else to do to ease the plague that besieged her…the hell she must have been living.

Everyone is impacted by this tragedy and as a society we are all implicated in some way…how do we react to sexual assault?   Not enough legal proof?  Okay, so why do we as a society look for ONLY authorities to weigh this?  As parents, as part of the community, as schools, as friends of friends of friends who know what happened…why can’t we try to teach our youths?  What about those who taunt, tease and harass to the point of pushing a person to utter despair?  How can we teach these persons that this type of “bullying” is pure torture they are enforcing on a peer?

I am not just talking about consequences; many youths  will be living with a huge burden the rest of their lives that I would not wish on anyone…ever.  I am talking about how do we respond to our youths’ who are exploring life but still need guidance?  How do we teach them right from wrong so they can “get it”…the moral and ethical meaning?  How do we help them tap into their consciences/soul  and act with respect and concern for others?

Grief brings up lots of difficult emotions such as shock, denial, sadness, anger, guilt, confusion to name a few but I think anger is one that is quick to follow a person around and swaddle their mind, squeeze their heart and fill their soul.  Some will be lashing out at anyone or anything as one tries to come to terms with what they are dealing … a tragic loss.  Sometimes anger is easier to endure…it is loud and active. It is letting out the pain rather than drowning in sorrow.   In order to put aside feelings of powerlessness,  better to feel the energy (although negative) of anger.  And so for many teenager-depression_girlpersons,  anger will be their ally …it may be their way of trying to drudge through this long difficult grieving journey, jumping hoops to avoid the pain of sadness and guilt.

My heart and prayers go out to the family and to  those inflicted with this terrible unrest.

If you know of a youth who needs help…let him/her know there IS help…reach out to this person, offer your ear, call a trusted adult to help him/her…if in doubt…call Kids Help Phone at 1-800-668-6868 or check their website for information; they offer counselling on Live Chat as well and you can even download their App Always There /Toujours a l’Ecoute.  Sometimes it can be easier to talk to a professional in an anonymous setting…it’s a start.

Remember that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary (however long that may appear or feel) problem.  There is help…

An ode to Springtime…Vive le printemps…

me as a child

April 3rd and it IS still so cold!! What is up?!! I do have a theory.  You see, me thinks that Mother Nature got dumped by her lover and is not in a happy place right now. So she’s put that loving, warm, fuzzy springtime feeling often associated with warmer weather…on hold.

But despite Mother Nature’s attitude, Spring IS in the air.  However, I seem to feel lots of different vibes these days…people seem to be have some type of excitement mounting within their souls…they seem to be more active…moving more…they seem to be looking forward to GO OUT AND PLAY…see the sun….to warm their bodies by the sun and breathe nature’s golden rays.

Even children and teens seem to be distracted by the shifting of the planet.  They can’t concentrate on their studies, seem to be finding themselves daydreaming more and are a bit worried about their school marks.   Little children are walking with passion in those huge puddles…because it’s FUN!!  What IS going on?!!

It’s only Spring Fever, folks.  Who the heck knows what cosmic plan there is…it just is.  I remember feeling this as long as I can remember.  When I was skipping rope on the school playground;

playing marbles with boys in my grade and winning!! ;

crushing on the boy sitting next to me and exchanging love notes in Grade 4!  Yep, and his name was Kevin!! Riding my bike feeling so cool with my hands up in the air…not EVEN falling!! As a teenager and writing my and “his” initials in my notebook over and over and over.  Yep, it’s just a weird time of year. I suppose I could have researched a bit more before writing this blog but you know what?  I don’t care about the why!…all I know is that it is a time of year that is grrrrrrrrrrrreat!  If you are single, well, you have hopes and dreams and lots and lots of daydreams.  No problem there!

If you are in a relationship, perhaps you and your partner are a little more affectionate and silly.  If you are in a relationship where you have more or less given up on the magic…get back to that imagination or daydream of someone else.  It can be a celebrity or someone
you have admired and sort of crushed on for years…so what!!! It’s just in your head anyways…it is a fleeting moment here and there and it does not hurt anyone but it can sure make you feel fine.:)

283721_363243987080066_750237361_n (1)

So despite the cold temperatures, stay strong…it will change soon enough and in the meantime the temperature surely has risen in the hearts and souls of most people. Right? 😀

Happy Springtime, everyone and Mother Nature…get with it…we are still going to be dazed and confused cold or warm weather…here is to lovely dreams and for others amazing realities.


Le printemps est dans l’air et je ne fais pas référence juste du mois d’avril…c’est encore très froid mais il me semble que je ressens beaucoup de choses vibrer dans l’air ces temps-si…les gens sont excité…ils bougent plus…ils ont tellement hâte de sortir dehors…de voir le soleil…de réchauffer leurs corps avec les rayons du soleil.

Les jeunes sont distrait un peu…dès qu’il fait beau ils ont de la difficulté à se concentré sur leurs études. Les jeunes cherchent du soutien pour apprendre à mieux gérer leur temps car les notes de cours baissent un peu…c’est quoi tout ça?  C’est le début du printemps…et c’est la nature et le cœur et le corps qui ont besoin de se nourrir de nouvelles expériences…activités, connaissances, amour et relations humaines.

Les tulipes  bourgeonnent  et nous sentons une tension quasiment électrique dans l’aire…la fièvre du printemps.  Vous en croyez aussi?  Moi, oh que oui!

Je m’en souviens de jouer au billes avec les gars de ma classe (et que je les nettoyais!!); sauter à la corde à sauter; rêver du gars assis en face dans ma classe, échanger des notes d’amour en quatrième année…eh, oui, et il s’appelait, Kevin!  Me promener en vélo avec mes bras en l’air, SANS tomber…je me pensais tellement cool!

À l’adolescence, écrire et réécrire mes initiaux à côté des ceux de « lui » sur la couverture de mon calepin…des petits tours de scooter à Bedford et moto à Eastman…wow, je me sentais cool.

Ceux qui sont en couple, bien, ils agissent un peu cocasses; les couples qui ont perdu leur magie, alors  rêver un peu d’un grand célébré,  le mari d’un autre, hihihi…ce n’est pas grave, c’est dans VOTRE imagination!!   Ce sont des moments ici et là en passant…des instances de rêverie de l’amour qui fait vibrer le cœur, le corps et l’âme.

J’ai une théorie pour le climat hors saisonnier ces temps-si…la Mère Nature vis surement une rupture de couple…hélas pour elle, sauf malgré tout ça la planète fait son rituel  …elle agit sur les sentiments et les comportements des gens…la température remonte pareille dans le cœur et  dans l’âme des gens…pas vraie?! 😀

Bon Printemps tout le monde et la Mère Nature, arrive donc en ville!…nous allons quand même nous rendre dans nos

Caroline Michaud Photographie
Caroline Michaud Photographie

états  dérouté et rêveur…eh oui, vive les jolies rêves et pour d’autres des réalités féeriques!

 Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, April 3, 2013

Micropoetry ~ Waka ~ Flash Fiction

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