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accept each day as a gift (haibun)

“Not another rainy day!!” Trula stomped her feet and threw herself on the couch and sulked.

Her nana rocked by the window and pointed her finger at her grand-daughter, “Child, you take each day as it comes. You cannot command the universe or turn your back to what the Great Spirit hands you each day. You will regret it some day.”  Holding her wooden beads, she whispered softly to herself but the only audible words were “protect her”.

Trula rolled her eyes and scowled at her nana. Year after year, it was the same thing when it was cloudy, raining, snowing or windy, Trula made a scene and refused to study and as she got older refused doing chores on the farm.

Several years later her nana died, when Trula was twenty-one.  The family buried her on the farm near an old oak tree where Nana used to sit and read for hours and later when her eyes failed her, she would pray and smile up at the sky giving thanks to the Great Spirit for each new day.

A few days after the burial, Trula was planting seeds in the garden and suddenly the sky turned dark.  An odd-looking cloud loomed over her and the wind picked up dramatically. Trula rose her fist to the sky in protest when suddenly she felt her feet lift from the ground and long tendrils pulling at her shoulder and head;  a huge CRACK resonated from the sky muffling the sound of a broken neck.

(c) Brooke Shaden

the universe rules,
appreciate each day
rain or shine

(c) Tournesol ’16-03-19

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Don’t give up


If it were a child she carried for 40 weeks

more or less,

she would find a way, she seeks

courage to fight moments of despair

patience to meet times of frustration

forgiveness to any bouts of commotion

knows a child does not comprehend,

a child expects unconditional love

a child deserves absolute compassion and regard

and then shall she take to this to mean

that Life as she sees it, feels it,

smelling vomit, tasting sweetness,  serene

Life as it hurts, cuts bit by bit

Life with its multiple personality

Life with its joys and glee

Life with its mundane and bizarre

is all she will get here, near and far

only once in this time around…

and so she will hold it with kindness

and unconditional love and fondness

as if it were her baby she carried

for 40 weeks, more or less

and she shall find solace that she is,

Life is, simply…

meant to be…

When Life seems too difficult to bear, don’t despair

Treat it as your child…unconditional and loving care.

© Cheryl-Lynn, 2014/04/05

Written for FWF