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Children killing children?

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Toddlers and pre-school children are supposed to laugh until they pee their pants, play with silly putty, draw, paint with their hands and feet, walk barefoot in mud puddles, make mud pies, pee in the pool, eat chocolate cake with their hands and smear the frosting on their chubby cheeks, jump on their beds, make houses with the couch cushions…okay, alright already…maybe play games on the computer or  tablet  but the mud puddles are way more fun!   Am I right?

Well, I hate to burst your bubble, folks.  I just logged on to Facebook,  before I get ready for a nice long weekend of leisure….no problems…not worrying about the world,  not worrying about youths in crisis because I know if they call the youth line where I work, they will be in excellent hands.  I can just feel free like a butterfly until I saw THIS…{I have no clue how to embed links so sorry for that}

Toddlers Killed more Americans than Terrorists did this year!


If you are like me, you will NOT  have be able to read the entire article…skimming quickly through tears was about all I could manage. What is going on people?!!! Of course I am anti-gun but still I am willing to live and let live…and if parents like to go hunting….well lock up the friggin weapons!!! Keep them in a place no ONE will get to or find.  Maybe, just maybe, when you are all done with your hunting trips…how about locking up the weapons in a POLICE warehouse somewhere….guarded by real MEAN guards!!

{I am so stark raving MAD right now…anger is so much better to handle than intense sadness}.Notice how I have used ONLY the term WEAPONS!  That is what they are.  They are made to KILL. Aw, yes, you will say but it is for killing animals. Hmmm, last I checked the same ammunition actually CAN and DOES KILL HUMANS.

I am just so angry, sad, frustrated….now this did NOT make my start of a great weekend…THIS is the reason I don’t watch the news or buy newspapers…guess I am going to have to cut Facebook because there is always someone who wants to  share bad news:(

Maybe this was a bad Thursday the 13th hoax…I am hoping that perhaps this is a hoax…yeah, that`s it! It may be a hoax that has gone viral…yeah, that must be it…

PS. if this IS true, no matter how frustrating this is, my heart goes out for the grieving parents…I cannot begin to imagine their grief:(

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, June 13, 2013