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Diamond Jubilee Medal…me?

The universe sure has a way of rearranging the stars so things can happen.  I think that`s because the universe has many helpers…mega-stars and angels floating in the cosmos.  An amazing angel who touched me {KM} shifted some of those stars to reach {SW} and {AJ}  and I am pretty sure {SM) had a hand in it too,  to make way in the sky for me to reach out and receive a very very special award.

This post is a bit more than “Something I just have to share” because it should really be “Something I am bursting to share”.  I am filled with so many mixed  emotions today, pride, elation, compassion and especially, gratefulness!! Last night I received an email from our head office requesting my presence for an award that I and several of my colleagues were to receive this coming Monday in Toronto.  Well, it is a 6 hour drive from my home and to tell you the truth, I had forgotten the date thinking that I probably could not have made it down there anyways.

Well, lo and behold, the universe certainly does provide.  The President`s administrative assistant arranged to make things happen…Thank you, Kathy:)…Merci, Alain and Thank you, Sharon and Susan!  Thank you Bella Maria for allowing to crash at your place:)

To receive this award, to be even nominated by my colleagues and managers is the greatest honour for me.  And let`s be honest, at my age {no spring chicken here!} I don`t think I will be getting many more awards of this standing…it IS an honour to be recognized as someone who actually deserves this.

All I really do is going to a job that I adore…it`s so easy when you are passionate about what you do.  Anyone reading this, who loves to write understands that part, right?  It is not a chore when you love what you do…you are enjoying yourself during that time…period.

So, I wanted to share this with my readers.  I am standing tall, back straight, shoulders pulled back and chest sticking out, chin up with pride…

So I will be travelling on Monday and Tuesday travelling back;  I am taking lieu time from  the Victoria’s Day…yes, la Fête de la Reine {how àpropos} to receive this Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal!!  

Sneak peek at my invitation that I have on my wall at home:)

image003 (1)

You and a guest are cordially invited to attend

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal Reception

Monday June 3, 2013

TIFF Bell Lightbox

TIFF Lounge, Toronto, On.

The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals awarded by a youth line who recognize individuals whose extraordinary efforts have helped to transform the lives of thousands of young people across Canada every week.

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, May 31, 2013

Easter sure IS off to a good start!

20130311_233302Easter weekend is among us and for many it can mean a lot of things.  Good Friday often means repenting for your sins…not that I believe in “sin” but I do believe in taking an inventory of my life and what I have done and what I can do to improve myself as a person.  What can I do to be a better person?  That is something I have asked myself since I was a teenager I think.  Praying and asking the Great Spirit, “Please help me be a better person.” Souvent je m’entend demander à le grand Créateur,”Aidez Picture of me 46moi à devenir une meilleure personne.”

I suppose being raised Catholic, guilt and never feeling I measure up or am good enough could be partly the reason I may have thought  this way.   So that would be it is something that I “learned” growing up.  Then there is the “nurture” part, being raised by the most loving mother and grandmother that this planet has known…really!  Also being loved by extended family as well, wonderful aunts and uncles…and yes, on my father’s side of the family too…I never doubted being loved by these wonderful people in my life…EVER!     Possiblement c’est mon passé étant Catholique de vivre de la culpabilité, de ne se sentir assez à la hauteur, mais bon…la vie m’a donné une mère et grand-mère qui m’ont nourrit des méga doses d’amour! Ainsi une famille qui m’ont permis de ne jamais douter d`être aimé.

Yet, there are persons that crossed my path and yes, some who were  part of my life that did place stones in my shoes and I felt their pain, doubted if I could walk straight and tall enough…but I still did despite those hurdles.  A new friend I recently became acquainted with often says this good-humouredly…Stand TALL…and I have, I do and I will!

C’est vraie que j’ai aussi connu des gens qui ont placer quelques cailloux dans mes souliers qui me faisait mal donc je ressentais la douleur, je me suis douté un peu de pouvoir marcher (agir)  correctement et à la hauteur…mais je l’ai quand même réussis malgré tout ça.  Une nouvel connaissance me dis souvent en riant, Tiens-toi GRAND…et je l’ai fait, je le fait and je vais continuer à le faire.

The Great Spirit planned some learning experiences  throughout my life I think…but also ensured that I would always have a hand extended to help me up every time I looked up from a painful fall.  I am thankful for that miracle of what I like to call “love”.  I have known love in so many facets and colours…but I have known love and still continue to be immersed in love.  What an amazing velvety blanket to surround myself with too!


Le grand Créateur m`a placer des expériences toute ma vie pour me donner des bonnes leçons.  Dans ce plan, il y a toujours eu aussi une main tendu pour m’aider à me relever quand je trébuchais. J’ai connu l’amour… Des petit coup de velours de ressentir l’amour pour autrui et l’amour pour soi.  Que je suis choyée! Me sentir dorloté d’amour des amis et de la famille est tellement resplendissant.20130112_182435

Being loved as a daughter, a sister, many loving special cousins have crossed my paths…some longer than others, uncles, aunts, grandmother and grandfather…special amazing teachers in grade school, high school and university…so many wonderful people.  I have even had several employers that were kind and giving…they  too feel like family to me.

I have also known romantic and passionate love…some short lived, others longer…and the most amazing and intense love of all…my children…loving them so much it sometimes hurt…seeing them glow is contagious…seeing them struggle and cry breaks my heart in pieces every time.  Only a parent knows that joy and pain…and then as if that is not enough love to overextend the heart…a grandchild is born…and the flame of love burns even stronger.

J’ai connu l’amour de ma famille, ainsi ma sœur, mes cousins, oncles, tantes, grands-parents et parents. ET l’amour le plus profonde de tout…mes enfants…les aimer tellement que ¸ça fait mal parfois…les voir s’épanouir m’entoure de joie…les voir effondrer me brise le cœur et si cela n’était pas assez fort comme amour…le cœur s’étire encore plus avec l’arrivé d’un petit fils…la flamme de cet amour brule encore plus fort.

This morning I  prepared a homemade meatball spaghetti sauce for my family dinner.  I have to work Easter Sunday, so tonight was going to be our Easter family dinner.  I kept thinking of my dear friend Maria as I was rolling my meat into little meatballs and adding them into my “secret” sauce to allow them to simmer 3 hours…just enough time so I can leave for my visit back home.

Maria is the only Italian mama that I know personally who cooks constantly for her family but with such love.  I  had occasions to sit in her kitchen many times in her home in Mississauga.  Talking and listening to me, stirring here and there…chopping garlic and onions, shaving cheese and making me a cappuccino at the same time.

20130224_094316 This morning as I stirred my sauce and added my spices I too felt the love I was adding into my meal.  I knew my son and daughter in law like meatballs, and so it pleased me cooking something that makes them happy.

Then off to pick up my son so we could visit mom in the nursing home together.  Today I would not have time to feed her lunch since I was going to Assomption to pick up a guitar my son had found…a GREAT deal.  I was looking forward to the drive…me and my son travelling for a few hours, brought me back to yesteryear; remember those times made me smile.  How we drove around together, carpooled his friends from concerts and parties; listening to music and enjoying the view on those drives.

It was a blessed picture seeing mom and my son hold hands…one could easily see the tenderness he has for her just by his smile.  I guess one could say it was a “Kodak” moment, even if that sounds lame…it was beautiful and filled my heart with so much love and joy!  Eh, oui regarder la tendresse dans les yeux de mon fils qu’il avait pour maman me remplissait avec tellement d’amour et de joie.20130329_162819

We spent 4 hours afterwards driving to and back to get that special guitar.  As he fiddled with it while I cooked the pasta, I was reminded of those soothing melodies I heard late nights as I went to bed.  They were my lullabies that gently put me to sleep as my teenage son practised on his classical guitar late at night.

This sure has started to be an amazing weekend thus far!  I have more to enjoy tomorrow…sneaking a visit with my grandson and ending my day with a nice friend.  Ce fut le début d’une fin de semaine céleste pour moi!

I am not sure if it is springtime or just my realizing how lucky I am to have family and great friends but the love I am feeling this weekend is pure joy.  Est-ce que c’est le printemps ou tout simplement que je réjouie de ma famille et des amis extraordinaires…mais, l’amour que je ressens ce weekend me remplis d’une joie fraiche.

Happy Easter…welcome madam Spring…let love flow through the currents of life …

Joyeuses Pâques…bienvenue madame le printemps…laissé allez l’amour couler dans les courants de la vie.

Betty Boop reminds me of an important lesson that just may be a nice way to celebrate Spring.

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, March 30, 2013