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vers le Vieux Port (haiga)

© Clr 2014 moving towards Montreal Old Port
© Clr 2014 moving towards Montreal Old Port

arbres se fixent aux teintes
guident citernes sur la voie maritime
sous nuages sombres

trees cling to last hues
guide tankers on the seaway
under grim clouds

© Tournesol `14

Photos taken crossing le pont Champlain, these strips of land, one is a bike path leading to the Old Port of Montreal. Tankers sail along these waters as well.

six day bender (haiku)

looking for home
got lost

lost again
turning in circles
unlisted number

soul searching
chanting my mantra,
I’ve come home

© Tournesol ‘14

Most people are bi-cultural or multicultural…let’s face it. In North America we are are blended in that huge melting pot.  What IS interesting  is how one identifies himself. I sometimes envy French Québecois who feel so sure of their identity. My mother always presented herself as a bilingual Canadian. I guess that is the only way I can see myself too. I cherish both languages/cultures that have woven the tapestry of who I am today.

lonely soapbox,
sometimes my views get
lost in translation
on the fence
each side
tears me apart

© Tournesol ‘14

This last one was just having fun thinking of Kerouac’s road trip for almost a month when he wrote On the Road.

six day bender
sex, love and rock ‘n roll,
day of rest

© Tournesol ‘14

Carpe Diem Sparkling Stars – Jack Kerouac

soothing tea (haiku)

I love sipping tea in porcelain tea cups. My great aunt bequeathed her collections to my father and I now have them in the same curio my Auntie Mae O’Donnell had. Although the tradition is on my Father’s side, my aunt being Irish, my mother taught me how to brew my tea as young as five. She would let me drink it in espresso cups which was just right for my tiny fingers.

My grandson loved to drink tea as well and would choose his tea cup whenever it was tea time. One day I invited my friend and her daughter who was grandson`s playdate. Well! I set up their tea cups with the tea pot brewing their tea. Ah, the cute things they do at five. I doubt he would want to even admit doing this now that he is 10.

I had a dear friend living next door when we were raising the children. I would often tuck in the children and run off to spend the rest of the evening with her sipping tea for hours. We had an understanding…when I`d call to say I was coming over, she would put on the kettle so when I arrived the water would be ready for my tea.

I find tea to be soothing. It is a lovely social ritual and different in many parts of the world but mostly, I like the subtle comfort it brings, the aroma of herbs, fruits and flora. Some teas are quite eccentric with a flower that expands in a special transparent tea cup. Tea is often a nice desert after a meal. How do you like your tea?

served in fine china,

floral and herbal teas

soothing the soul

(c) Tournesol ’14

Carpe Diem Sparkling Stars “Tea”