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Baby’s breath (Troiku)

Our host at Carpe Diem has given us a haiku by Iio Sogi to inspire us but he has asked us to try to also write a Troiku if possible.

Both grasses and trees
waiting for the moon
dewy evening   © lio Sogi

Here is my Troiku:

(c) Static Flickr

sparkle like diamonds
savannah gleams

mother nature`s kiss
baby’s breath

sparkle like diamonds
mother’s gaze at her newborn
tears of joy

savannah gleams
revels in transcendence
new dawn

(c) Tournesol ’15

bleu lavande (haibun)

© Bleu Lavande, Fitch Bay, Québec

Many farmers give directions very differently than city people are accustomed to. Living in a very small town we would chuckle a bit when asking for directions when looking for directions to get the best sweet corn or my favourite apples that were usually the first category that came out early in the season…Lobo of course, juicy and tart they made your lips pucker.

Directions were often turn left at the red silo and at the fork keep to your right until you get to the Old School House make a sharp left behind the speed limit sign…careful now, you might miss it if you are admiring that old school…city folks are always dazzled by that plain old building. Now keep on going until you get to the Willow Tree. If your windows are open you should smell the lavender field just over the hill. Across the road a fair bit, Fontaine’s tractor should be parked with his trailer full of fresh picked corn of the morning and the afternoon if you come by before supper.

Our host has given us one last haiku by Richard Wright:

keep straight down this block,
then turn right where you will find
a peach tree blooming © Richard Wright

This is to inspire us to write in that same tone…the blossoms made me think of various scents of certain trees and plants blossoming. How fitting to include the poignant and soothing scent of lavender!

I have included a link here, describing Mr. Pellerin’s story on how he started his venture in the largest lavender farm, Bleu Lavande,  in Canada and second largest in North America. I find his story fascinating. His farm is situated in the Eastern Townships about an hour and half drive from Montreal.

passed the Willow tree
just over the hill, explosion
of lavender

© Tournesol ’14

Carpe Diem Special

spring flowers (haiku)

I give permission
For this slow spring rain to soak
The violet beds.
© Richard Wright

Our host tried a hand at Troiku than you have to use the three separated lines as the starting line of a new haiku. Watch this example:

first haiku: starting with “I give permission”

I give permission
to visit the ancient temples –
go on bare feet    © Chèvrefeuille

second haiku: starting with “for this slow spring rain to soak”

for this slow spring rain to soak
I warn you and your laundry
it will become wet  © Chèvrefeuille

third haiku: starting with “the violet beds”

the violet beds
look like a rainbow in the sky
garden festival  © Chèvrefeuille

This is my humble attempt:

Spring showers
muddy tulip garden
colours explode

© Tournesol ’14

Carpe Diem Special – Richard Wright

moon salute (haiga)

Carpe Diem Special Thomas Transtromer

Oak trees and the moon.
Light and mute constellations.
And the frigid sea

© Tomas Tranströmer

© Clr November 2014
© Clr November 2013 to the East

 These two shots were taken on my way to my mother’s place last November. I stopped my car on the highway to take a shot on my left, this is the moon and on my right the sun was setting in splendour…cold evening but stayed out long enough to get a few shots.

Early moon rise
salutes shimmering star 
through naked trees

© Tournesol ’14

© Clr November 2013
© Clr Novmber 2013 to the West

A slight change to place “through” at the last line. Thank you, Kristjaan:) It flows smoothly.