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bitter endings ~ Haibun ~Daily moments November 18, 2017


So many losses and bitter ends in this bleak season, she’s lost count. Trying to please one may leave others in bitter deprivation. Impulsive actions, even with loving intentions, become too many blunders that add insult to injury. Communicating regrets is now worthless falling on deaf ears; broken hearts are just too hurt with feelings of abandonment harden over time in bitter stone.

tainted with despair
and broken promises
tears filled with regrets
rubbed in old wounds


Written for MicroPoetry Month #18

winter florets (haibun)

Memories of long ago so vivid, she can taste it. A young girl walks to school in the bitter cold. Crunch crunch, echo from her tiny feet.  White smoke comes out her mouth like magic and dewdrops trickle from her eyes clouding her vision.

smaller than springtime buds
sit on eyelashes

looks up open-mouthed
flower tingles her warm tongue
snowflake melts
© Tournesol’15/11/06

CDHK – Flower Like Snow flake

pure innocence (haibun)

How this prompt “nudity” reminds me of my children when they were little. The children were born in the country and so they experienced a freedom you don’t necessarily have in cities and suburbs. When we moved to the suburbs my son, who was five, was invited to go swimming at a neighbour’s house. Of course he was a pratical young boy who knew he would be uncomfortable the rest of the afternoon if his bathing suit was wet…

sweet innocence
jumps in the pool naked,
bathing suit’s dry

© Tournesol ’15