Casse-Noisette (haibun)

Every Christmas Place des Arts is filled with parents and children, especially little girls sitting and watching with awe.

small feet dance
each move is part of a love story
filled with wonder


The Secret Keeper (5) Words: | MOVE | SMALL | WONDER | DANCE | PART |

Daily moments – lost innocence (haibun)

Today, she sits in quiet contemplation. A day of rest for the body and yet, the heart remembers stories of untold secrets that remain silenced. Too many pieces to that puzzle missing, she sighs, wishing she could do more…

no one could resist
 lost innocence

no one could resist
dancing to wise women’s song
free the children

Somehow, that song and action to free other children around the world soothed her…for today.

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Daily Moments ~ Mother’s Day (haibun)

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Flowers and scented creams, bubble bath and loving company …to start with! Almost four hours setting up her elliptical exerciser, she has set in front of her patio window and then off to a Brazilian restaurant where meats are served on a stick …sirloin, lamb, bacon turkey, pork loin, chicken, filet mignon and roast beef…over and over and over they serve and just around dessert time… warm pineapple with brown sugar and cinnamon on a stick two dancers perform on each floor inviting patrons to join them.



a special card
words that melt a mother’s heart
would have been enough


Daily Moments Mother’s Day May 8/16

swings in spring (troiku)

© CLR 2014

© CLR 2014

parks come alive
melodies of springtime
swings squeak

parks come alive
children giggling
shouting “tag, you’re it!”

melodies of springtime
birds sing their tunes
echo through the trees

swings squeak
lovers swaying to the tune
rhythm of their hearts

© Tournesol’16-05-01

Haiku Horizons “swing”

Carpe Diem “passing of spring”

Daily Moments March 11 – Friday’s best (haibun)

Friday turned out to be a lovely sunny day.  The wind was cool but that is the best kind when you have a long way to walk and still feel refreshed. The fast melting snow had created mini ponds on sidewalks, you had to walk on the soppy grass but even a little water in your boots was not enough to be upset. It was such a delight to feel spring in the air.  She passed an elm tree and heard birds chirping.  She stopped to  look up but could not find any bird, no nest, no bunched up leaves …where on earth could they be? she thought.

This entire day was like creating a chocolate sunday.  The ice cream was the melting snow, the chocolate were huge glimpses of the earth, finally!! The whipped cream was her daughter and son-in-law, and three grandsons having her over for a birthday celebration dinner .

love, hugs and kisses
brightens a red cherry heart,
uplifts the soul

© Tournesol ’16/03/11