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Trick or Treat (Tan Renga)

© Clr'15  Taken 2008 at work
© Clr’15 Taken 2008 at work

cobwebbed stairwells
children playing “dress-up”– shout!
trick or treat!

old lady adjusts her hat
well, now my little pretties!

© Tournesol ’15

Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille at MindLoveMiserysMenagerie

memory lane (tanka)

(c) Clr '15
(c) Clr ’15

On this day over three decades has passed…a baby girl was born; she didn’t want to leave the womb…much! Resisting reality and the inevitable, she entered this world two weeks later.

on a digital tour,
a last summer visit –
family album
reminiscing the past
babies no more

(c) Tournesol ‘15

Inspired by:

sifting through
the personal effects
of a spider’s web
an autumn wind loosens
another anchor thread

© Laura Williams (a.k.a. Lolly)

autumn fun (troiku)poem

At Carpe Diem today we are to write a haiku or tanka from a description our host has given us…here is his story for which I chose to write a troika.

Laughter resonates through the city park. The trees starting to become colorful, leaves decaing slowly and rustle in the wind. I smell the sweet perfume of decay and wet earth. The sun shines brightly sometimes hiding behind darkening clouds. A few meters in front of me my grandchildren are playing in an amount of fallen leaves.
“Look granddad!”
My youngest grandson shows me a chestnut he has found.
“Awesome Sem”, I respond.
I kneel in front of him. The chestnut is almost glowing in the sunlight and as I look closer I can see a faint reflection of my face on the shining skin of it.
“That’s a beauty Sem. Where did you find it?”
He points to the leaves. His two brothers are laughing aloud and are throwing with the colored leaves. It looks like it is raining leaves.
After a while we walk further through the park. It starts raining. Raindrops are falling, painting circles in the pond. the circles are slowly widening, becoming larger and larger. The circling waves finally faint away, but the rain makes new ones over and over again until … the rain has stopped and the sun appears from behind the, now rainless, clouds. At the Western horizon the colors of an ending day become visible.
I take my grandsons by the hand and we walk home. As we cross a bridge Sem stops takes his chestnut out of his pocket and throws it into the water.
“Look granddad … my chestnut makes circles.”


autumn day
children exploring
fallen leaves

autumn day
clinging to tiny hands
grandfather strolls

children exploring
shiny chestnut glows
echoes his love

fallen leaves
children giggling with glee
 autumn bed

(c) Tournesol ,15

Carpe Diem’s Like A Pebble #1, a new feature

nature  (haiga)

casualty of rainstorm

sudden cloudburst
innocence surrenders
wind’s casualty

When she was little, she would climb up into the tree with her sister and her cousin. They would imagine the branches had mini bananas.

helicopter tree

such wonder
visions of faraway lands
child’s play
giraffes and elephants
and banana trees

white rose

morning sun
beams on nature’s gifts
fragrance grins

(c) Tournesol ’15

Written for:  http://chevrefeuillescarpediem.blogspot.ca/2015/07/carpe-diem-special-155-adjeis-second.html

April skies (haibun)

As soon as the alarm went off, she jumped out of bed and pulled the curtain in her bedroom.

“Oh boy! she said, “The snow has melted everywhere!”

She shuffles towards the kitchen, screaming, “MAMA!!, can I wear my new Easter shoes to school to day…pretty please!!”

Her mother is packing her daughter’s lunch and turns her head towards the kitchen window.

“Well love, you know the earth is still frozen, it may be too cold…I don’t know…” her voice trails as she looks at the thermometer outside by the window sill.”

Ah Mama, puleeeze, I promise to wear my thick tights. Come on, Mama, it skips better in shoes,” she whines preparing to pout, “I’m brining my skipping rope to school for recess…pretty please!!” she raises her baby blues pleading to her mother…

“Oh, alright”, her heart melts at those blue liquid eyes.

april 16 2015

 April skies beckon
walking in her brand new shoes
blossoms await

© Tournesol ’15

Photo actually taken at five in the afternoon April 16, 2015.

pure innocence (haibun)

How this prompt “nudity” reminds me of my children when they were little. The children were born in the country and so they experienced a freedom you don’t necessarily have in cities and suburbs. When we moved to the suburbs my son, who was five, was invited to go swimming at a neighbour’s house. Of course he was a pratical young boy who knew he would be uncomfortable the rest of the afternoon if his bathing suit was wet…

sweet innocence
jumps in the pool naked,
bathing suit’s dry

© Tournesol ’15

A mother’s delight (haibun)

When I think of the word “Happiness”my memory captures a moment of delight…bliss, such as the photo of my children together. Whether they are 3 or 33, my heart bursts at the seams when I see them just hanging out.  It is a moment in time, a mother has been blessed seeing the evidence of pure joy…her children.

mother venerates
purity of children
moment of grace

© Tournesol ’15


© Clr'15 Tournesol
© Clr’15 Tournesol


Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – Happiness