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communion (haiku)


In regard to the poem, called “Oh, Morning Glory!”, Hirshfield quotes D. T. Suzuki:

“The idea is this: One summer morning Chiyo the poetess got up early wishing to draw water from the well…She found the bucket entwined by the blooming morning glory vine. She was so struck…that she forgot all about her business and stood before it thoroughly absorbed in contemplation. The only words she could utter were ‘Oh, the morning glory!’ At the time, the poetess was not conscious of herself or of the morning glory as standing against [outside] her. Her mind was filled with the flower, the whole world turned into the flower, she was the flower itself…

“The first line, ‘Oh morning glory!’ does not contain anything intellectual…it is the feeling, pure and simple, and we may interpret it in any way we like. The following two lines, however, determine the nature and depth of what was in the mind of the poetess: when she tells us about going to the neighbor for water we know that she just left the morning glory as she found it…she does not even dare touch the flower, much less pluck it, for in her inmost consciousness there is the feeling that she is perfectly one with reality.

“When beauty is expressed in terms of Buddhism, it is a form of self- enjoyment of the suchness of things. Flowers are flowers, mountains are mountains, I sit here, you stand there, and the world goes on from eternity to eternity, this is the suchness of things.” Taken from WomenMasters

the well –bucket
taken by the morning glory:
I ask for water
© Chiyo-Ni

My humble offering inspired by Chiyo-Ni’s haiku:

© OliG'15 (Gaspé - marguerite)
© OliG’15 (Gaspé – marguerite)

on a bed of daisies
prickly grass no longer,
dandelion puff

dandelion puff
my body


Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – Chiyo-Ni

traces (troiku)

taoraruru hito ni kaoru ya ume no hana

the flowering branch of the plum
gives its scent
to him who broke it off

© Chiyo-Ni


frail and broken
trace of plum blossoms linger
on his fingers

frail and broken
during winter’s slumber
waiting to heal

trace of plum blossoms linger
now and forever
their first love

on his fingers
only an illusion
scent of her shampoo

© Tournesol’15

Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille at MindLoveMiserysMenagerie

Chiyo-ni: The Snow Woman (haiku)

© Amazon.ca

I was so fascinated by Chiyo-Ni’s haiku,  that I had check to see if I could find an ebook this morning and found a lovely collection of 44 selected Haiku composed during the entire life of Chiyo-ni. The Snow Woman :Selected Haiku by Fukuda Chiyo-Ni. Haiku selected and translated by Luca Cenisi, President of the Italian Haiku Association (AIH)

There are so many great haiku, it was not easy choosing…I think I may start a little booklet working on some of her haiku and trying to write in that tone this fall.

on her day off
a prostitute wakes up, alone:
the cold of nights
© Chiyo-Ni

school’s out
old Miss Grant shuffles on home
vacant rooms scream

© Tournesol ’15

Here is one more:

I saw the moon:
now I can say goodbye
to this world
© Chiyo-ni

sunset divine
calling me softly
to the other side

© Tournesol ’15