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Happy New Year (haibun – daily moments – haiga)

© Clr '16
© Clr ’16

Happy New Year !  I sit here, thinking of the possibilities of this year and hope I can fill at least a tiny part of these inspired opportunities I do have.

We are well into three hours of 2016 and I am high on life, my beliefs and my hopes.  I just finished watching Patch Adams and Robin Williams made me laugh out loud and weep with happiness at the compassion he shows to patients.  The only bad words in the entire movie for me was “transference” and “class above patients”.  Yes, well, this movie just confirmed what I have felt, lived and believed most of my career in the helping profession.  Oh, I know I am not a medical expert but the message in this film goes beyond that.   I am not an expert, people who come  for support are the experts and I simply try to help them recognize that.

This film renewed my faith in my goal in life. To strive for compassion even when things look bleak for me, to not judge, and to expect nothing more than a will to try to to remember the times I have been low on life and simply show empathy.  We’ve all been there.    Sometimes the only thing we can say is, “Man that sucks! I’m sorry you are going through that.”

I don’t believe in making a list of resolutions for the New Year because that just leads to causing stress and fear of not succeeding. The only resolve I do want to carry over every year is to strive to be the best person I can be, forgive myself when I slip up and keep my heart open at all times even if it hurts sometimes.  The benefits are worth the pain.

This past year was a year of healing and I don’t think I would have managed as well (with my sanity) without your support and encouragement. Bless you and thank you.

Writing here in this amazing community at WordPress has enabled me to grow in my writing…I have learned through your comments and through your creative gems you have shared here.

Onward to 2016 with as much inspiration and soulful promise in writing and sharing.


a brand new year
fresh snow glistens
snowflake on my cheek

© Tournesol ’16/01/01

The long road (haiga – haibun)

She felt so many regrets these days, not remorse, but regrets. Was it the weather, approaching “le mois des morts”? Perhaps. November creeps up so fast. Was it Thanksgiving in a few days that makes her wonder of what she is thankful? That would be something to concentrate a bit more on, she keeps arguing with herself today.

There are some things she would never change and the obvious would be her grown children but what else? She looks out at the darkened sky, oh so much earlier than a month ago! Going back to university to get her degree was something she would never regret. She couldn’t. She took the long road to get there, true. Nine years while raising a family and working at two to three part time jobs. But that road gave her goal more purpose. It allowed her to be who she was born to be …the labour of her birth was just a little longer.

Each day she walks to work in the fall and feels blessed to see the sunflowers still standing strong in October. How resilient those roots must be to push through the concrete on that city street!

late blooming sunflowers


sunflowers hail
standing strong despite a slow start
blessing late bloomers.

© Tournesol ’15

#OctPoWriMo Day 7: the road less traveled

she loves the nightlife (troiku)


nightlife grabs her
feet tap-tap to the beat
leaping to a tango

nightlife grabs her
blossoms like a moonflower
alive and wanting

feet tap-tap to the beat
their bodies cling urgently
little space to breathe

leaping to a tango
grabs her like a rag doll
locked in hot embrace

© Tournesol ’15

Haiku Horizons “grab”

pocketfull of blessings (haibun)

Pocketful of blessings. That is what I am feeling today. The past two weeks I have been blessed with the presence of wonderful, compassionate and amazing people in person and virtually.

You know when you travel and pick up a pebble or rock to keep as a souvenir? Well, so far I have a pocketful of blessings. I am seeing more and more how we are more the same than we are different if you look deep into your heart. We are all from one amazing race…the Human Race.

grey skies


nature’s blessings
starlings harmonize at dawn
scent of flowers
angelic arcs multi-hued
artist’s last strokes at dusk

© Tournesol ’15

Compassion is key (Troiku)

This is a Troiku which is a new form of haiku created by Chèvrefeuille…to learn more click on his website Carpe Diem Haiku Kai


Image result for amma
© theguardian.com Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi)

Heaven beams
devotees hear her message
love is the way

heaven beams
chanting heard from the ashram
new dawn

devotees hear her message
raising their arms in praise
Amma speaks

Love is the way
we must all do our share
we are one

© Tournesol ’15

Amma’s Canadian Tour is July 17-20, 2015

all one and the same (haibun)

Awakened by the lovely sound of birds chirping made her hope it might be sunny today.  It is! Her friend meows in protest for having shut her bedroom door earlier in the morning.  She chatters away expressing her discontent with a hint of hope to be stroked, fed and stroked some more.

The sky is a darker blue than most seasons…not quite cobalt but close with pearly billows drifting by accentuating the hues of this majestic sky.

sea of blue above
islands shaped in pearly greys
beg my surrender

She had moved her laptop in the living room so she could watch a movie last night and fires it up always curious to see the haiku prompt of the day at Carpe Diem Haiku kai.   In the past few months she has not been as regular contributing and she misses her haijin family.  Yesterday she took the time to visit a few siblings and cousins homes around the world in the blogosphere.

Her thoughts wander to a friend who is in San Ramon today and will be seeing Amma at her retreat. How she misses her warm and healing embrace.  Some call her a guru, others call her a hugging saint…she feels she is all of these and more. Her healing touch, her soothing smile, her words of wisdom and mostly her way of living by loving, giving tirelessly to humanity makes her heart swell.   Amma has a way of looking at you and making you see the beauty within. How she does it is a mystery or is it?  She does not preach laws but models compassion and asks us to see the light we all have within.

Her mind drifts off to sounds of various bhjans songs and the tabla drumming to her heartbeat.  Its echo makes her feel the divine beauty reflected from within.   So many instruments mimic nature and human sounds;  her Celtic spirit awakens with strings,  flutes and drums that soften her heart.  Drum circles come to mind and First Nations People who have become her conscious, reminding her to be good to Mother Earth.

© Pinterest

She looks at her mala beads and remembers hearing Amma say last year, “We are all beads strung on the same string of love.”   She tries to remember this daily.  The image of several homeless people who sit along her path to work come to mind.   Some speak French, English, Créole, Arabic or Spanish but she knows they all understand the same language…compassion.

sound of the drum
listen to the heart beat
all, one and the same

© Tournesol’15/11/14

Carpe Diem Extra Shaman

compassion rules (tanka)

The Tear at Deviantart.com © Paul Shanghai

crazed gnats buzz
seek prey by the riverside
they all turn away
saw a tear roll down her cheek

tiny but strong
even gnats have compassion
despite small bellies
tear filled face
message of true chagrin

© Tournesol ’15


healing hugs (haibun)

She is a hugger, born and raised… a touchy feely “minouching” person. Her mother could never get enough holding her, kissing her, hugging her.  Her grandmaman rocked her and embraced her when she was sick. She always thought it was an innate asset for most mothers who had birthed children to have this gift of soothing their children regardless of their age. She never did outgrow that need to be hugged.  One day she met Amma.

mother breeds love
devotees are her children
hugs with compassion

(c) Tournesol ’15

Written for Carpe Diem Special The Childless Woman

DailyTelegraph – Power of love in the arms of a stranger

Photo Credits: Daily Telegraph

summer showers (haiku)

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Shuukan. The emphasis is on GRACE (enlarge your capacity of compassion) as defined by Joan Halifax, a Zen Buddhist.

G Gathering attention

R Recalling intention

A Attuning to self other

C Considering

E Engaging

Our host writes:

after the rain
that sweet perfume of the earth –
cherry blossoms bloom
© Chèvrefeuille

Photo credits: Melissa Otterbein

hot summer showers
cools pavement on city streets
a homeless soaks her feet

a homeless soaks her feet
giddy like a young child
splashing with delight

splashing with delight
hot summer showers
fragrance of city parks

© Tournesol ’15