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late night walk (Shasei- troiku)

Tonight I walked home from work after eleven and just soaked up what I saw and stopped a few moments to take photos to capture those moments. I got to the Métro and wrote this troiku immediately before losing that feeling I had just a few moments ago.  Of course these are ” Shasei” rather than haiku developped into a troiku.

© Cheryl-Lynn R. ’15

Walking home
slippery streets mock
autumn leaves
walking home
beauty swells in the light
silent night
slippery streets mock
I walk gingerly
catch a twilight view
autumn leaves mock
cold and wet – yet,
colour my world

© Tournesol ’15

Carpe Diem Haiku Writing Techniques #16 (Shiki’s) Shasei

“Though this technique is often given Shiki’s term Shasei (sketch from life) or Shajitsu (reality), it has been in use since the beginning of poetry in the Orient. The poetic principle is “to depict the thing just as it is“…He favored the quiet simplicity of just stating what he saw without anything else happening in the haiku. He found the greatest beauty in the common sight, simply reported exactly as it was seen, and ninety-nine percent of his haiku written in his style. Many people still feel he was right.”