reflections on empowerment – daily moments Dec 7/19

A story keeps sneaking to the forefront of her consciousness. For 2 hours he talked about his plan that could be accessible anytime he wanted.   The scary thing about it was that he could make it look like an accident and no one would ever be the wiser. Writing about it today actually appeases her compared to last week. His plan scared her for days, lingering in the back of her mind but now she sees it more as his survival…empowering him.  He now has a choice, whether he executes it or not, and that, may be something he never had growing up…a choice.

Some young adults may finally have a chance to feel what it is like to be free from the clutches of their oppressor(s) and it might be too much to handle on their own…too much to process, let alone, heal. They may feel bombarded with too many  nightmares they have lived growing up.

And that is the part of her job that she loves…being there at a moment if and when the may feel ready to reach out and try and make some sense of their nightmares. Sifting through the memories and challenges together. She often feels like a silent sounding board but with a slight difference. “Kindness is language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” Mark Twain

Maybe reaching adulthood actually means taking back what was rightfully theirs.

light finally shines
mysteries start to unravel
taking back the night

© tournesol ‘2019/12/07

Daily Moments – September 10 2017 shade (troiku)

Since today is World Suicide Prevention Day, my writing today may attempt to spread this awareness.

posing like a star

casting shadows
shading old wounds

seeking the light
from dark places

posing like a star
yet, hangs on to dear life
falling leaves






© Cheryl-Lynn R. ’16

Daily Moments – September 10 2017  shade  (troiku)

Haiku Horizons Prompt: Shade

time spins (troibun)

Our host, Chèvrefeuille, at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai presents us with a meme of the Spiritual Way – Imagination giving us the choice of four photos for our inspiration.




Time seems to loiter
slowly crawling uphill
each laboured breath
wheezing to the top
mayhem starts to enter
idol pandemonium
down, down, down
spiralling carelessly
or so it seems to me

twists and turns
clutching by the sides
hurling anecdotes
of a drawn-out past
settles in the present
warning for the future

mastering these moods
feelings and obssessions
hurdles that care less
dealt once in the past
habit keeps them near
patterns that have settled
trick me into believing
how powerless am I
and yet…

given it some thought
rational and real
oh! silly do I feel
preoccupied with naught

praying to the universe
chanting consciously
feeling the absurdity
lifting and disappear

how I must be mindful
when time does unravel
effort downhill travel
with an intense speed
settling’s just a habit
how I do know better
and I have discovered
this long-awaited gift
spirituality and me,
chanting passionately
gently brings me back
to virtual reality

hanging on to
the unknown

hanging on to
unlikely and naïve
dandelion puffs

only calculations
do add up

the unknown
invisible to humans
held by the divine


Daily moments – Time spins April 20 2017 – troibun

In memory of Jane Reichhold – Aug. 7/16 (troibun)

© Clr '16

© Clr ’16

Walking home with her grandson after a wonderful day in the city,  she could not help but admire the sky. Once, her grandson was sound asleep, she read about the sad news…such a loss in the world of haiku. And then, she understood the mysteries of the sky tonight.

dash of white clouds
stand out
in the night sky

dash of white clouds
splash of goodness
wings of an angel

stand out
seventeen syllables
more or less

in the night sky
greets an angel with a smile
crescent moon

© Tournesol’16-08-07

And then she read this beautiful haiku  posted  by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, after she had written the above troiku.

without lights
the brightness of a blue sky
full of stars © Jane Reichhold

a star
stands outs tonight
for eternity

© Tournesol’16-08-07

shamanic journey
a red dragonfly comes
to guide the canoe © Jane Reichhold

new beginnings
only spirits see the path
still, unknown to us

© Tournesol’16-08-07

In memory of an artist, teacher and poet, Jane Reichhold.

Daily Moments Feb 12 /16 thinking of Janet (haiku)

This flash fiction was prompted by The Carrot Flash Fiction Challenge this week and we were to write about wild open spaces with a bonus if you could add something cute and furry.

The Witching Hour   (Flash Fiction 99 words – no more, no less)

It was approaching the witching hour that most parents dread.

“MOMMY!  Oli buggin me !” her toddler whined.

Oli snickered, proud he succeeded to put a dent in the mommy-daughter coziness since he arrived from JK.

It was only four-fifteen. She couldn’t take the squeals and whining.  She called her next-door neighbour, “Janet, I think I just might lose it.”

Janet let out her warm loving chuckle, “Send them over here and the girls will keep them busy.”

Biking towards the open fields, with each breath, she allowed her frustrations of the day to scatter over the wild daisies. (99 words)

Walking in the soft snow last night, I was reminded of our long winter walks at night, chatting about life and family. We would walk for hours.

Janet was a dear friend who kept me sane when my children were pre-schoolers.  She taught me to relax, stop trying to have the perfectly clean and tidy house and just enjoy the children. I am forever grateful to her and her family.  

This flash fiction inspired these haiku:

mother nature
wild and wondrous
takes me in

takes me in
warm and loving heart
a true friend

© Tournesol `16/02/12

Daily Moments – thinking of Janet Feb 12/16