July 14th, Daily moments – thunder (haibun)

(c) Clr’18 Punta de Mita

Watching the rolling waves after the thunder storm, soothing to the ear but still heavy with dampness.  My forehead dripped and my breathing slowed. Still, leaning on the railing I looked at the magnificent performance take place…just for me.

Hear them laugh
In the middle of the night
Chasing petticoats
Giddy as can be
White ruffles of the sea

(c) Tournesol ’18/07/14

zoo (a cherita ) Daily Post November 30 2017

no more elevator music on your shopping sprees

spitting Christmas carols like popcorn
lyrics barely touch the souls

push, shove, grabbing the best deal
toddlers missed their mid-day nap
wailing in this zoo

©Tournesol ’17/11/30

Daily Post: Zoo November 30/17