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Coco Chanel (MicroPoetry Month #12) Daily moments (Troibun)


The sun shines brightly in the cold pale skies and yet, her soul is filled with greyness? The day will move slowly as she shuffles through her clutter. That old overcoat that should have been thrown in the trash, swings gently from side to side. What is she doing still holding on to those tan boots that cramp her toes? They remind  her of better days and happy times, strutting with a sense of purpose. As she moves further into the greyness she finds  her mother’s old raincoat she has yet to wear. As she slips it on,  she feels her presence…still.

soft scents
float around her

soft scents
rest in droplets
kissing her cheek

float around her
Sinatra and Doris Day

admiring CoCo
worshiping the sun


I love the haibun form and since I have also fallen in love with the Troiku (a haiku form created by Chevrefeuille at CarpeDiemHaikuKai) I have coined the haibun with a troiku, Troibun.

Written for MicroPoetry Month #12 where we are inspired to write a haibun.

The history of sun tanning and Coco Chanel.

Daily moments – September 27/17 cooling off (a cherita)


(a cherita)

another sweltering day today

uncommon for this hemisphere
the A/C and a few extra fans roar all night long

I carry my oriental fan with me everywhere
fanning my sweaty face waiting for my Metro car
visualizing penguins in Antarctica

Years ago on a trip to Saint Marten, I noticed people walking to work and their pace was so slow compared to how we get to work. That made sense too! I realized that moseying along slowly, I did not build up a sweat …well, hardly since I am perspiring even in winter if I am walking fast. I often say jokingly, “I can’t help it, I’m just hot stuff!” but seriously it is not comfortable. I look on the bus today as my face is wet already before I even start my shift. I wonder with awe, how some of the commuters are wearing a long sleeve shirt and their faces are so dry!! How can that be possible?! Here I am fanning myself on the bus, on the Metro and spraying my face and hair with water when I get to work to cool myself.

I remember a few years ago visiting the Biodome several times with my grandson since I lived across the street from there at the time. When you first enter, you are flooded with the heat of the rainforest…oh, it is beautiful alright but within minutes, I am already anxious to get to the Antarctica section and sit watching those cute penguins prancing and diving into the water. To this day, I often visualize myself sitting in that section of the Biodome and it seems to cool my body a bit. Looks like I will be visualizing penguins this week.

©Cheryl-Lynn 17/09/27

August 10 2017 A Cherita – the bus ride

The Cherita was created by Ai Li

On the bus ride across the St Lawrence

eyes bulging seeing the progress of the new bridge
as we bounce along the Champlain Bridge

huge concrete blocks mounted so high
construction workers looking like little toy men
but don’t tell them that!

©Cheryl-Lynn Roberts 2017/08/10 Daily Reflections

Daily Moments July 25 2017 poppies (troiku)

ice packs
on my belly
poppies for my skin

ice packs
cooling blazing itch
to a tickle

on my belly
too many fibres
eliciting heat

poppies for my skin
illusions of comfort
snow filled duvet


Daily Moments July 25  2017  poppies (troiku)

butterfly moment (troiku – haiga)



sometimes I wish
I was a butterfly
one brief moment

sometimes I wish
one heartfelt scene
and, time would stop

I was a butterfly
one sweet moment
forever prised

one brief moment
seals the heart



Troiku is a new form of haiku created by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

daily reflections February 8 2017

Daily moments January 11, 2016 (Carpe Diem! haibun)

© Clr’16/01/11

It felt like spring last night with the plus 6 Celsius and rain. The wind reminded her of March winds pushing even her tall  frame on the dark, shiny streets walking home.

This morning was a surprise, no more grey skies but azure blue with splashes of white here and there. The winds blowing in the distance looks like the tree across the street was waving at her, probably warning her of the 20 degree drop in temperature.

first light of day
white frost seizes
shivering limbs

© Tournesol’16/01/11

Daily Moments

still raining (troiku – daily moments)

Troiku is a new haiku form created by Chèvrefeuille, my haiku mentor at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai


let down by the rain
four days `til Christmas
still hoping for snow

let down by the rain
grey clouds of dismay
shadow blue Monday

four days `til Christmas
four more chocolate delights
kids’ advent calendar

still hoping for snow
downy white coverlet
covers Mother Earth


Haiku Horizons “cover”

captive audience (haubun captive audience (haibun – daily moments)

She entered the Métro station and was bombarded by  a mob of holiday shoppers marching towards her. It was obvious these were not regular travelers fortunately, as their their stride was casual and relaxed, flexible to sidestep and allow her to pass.  The last Sunday before Christmas and this was another reason she wished dhe did not have to work today.

Panhandlers and homeless persons  may have been relieved having a more captive audience, not immune to their plight as were many regular daily commuters.

(c) Clr ’15 Métro Bonaventure

buyer’s remorse,
consumed with Christmas lists
clink in a tin cup

© Tournesol’15

fairy dust (haibun- daily moments)

The day started with a surprise visit..  I had planned to take a bus to pick up a parcel it and get some items at the grocery store next door.  My son arrived minutes after I had showered, so, I quickly braided my wet hair and rushed out. He mentioned he has to guard frenzied drivers to avoid an accident.  I couldn’t agree more with his need to err on caution since I was careful crossing the street c as well; there seemed too many hurried drivers running red lights and cutting other cars off.

I took advantage of his arms and his car to get heavier items at the store.  We stopped for a submarine on our way home.  As I was waiting for our order to ring up, my son was pointing to the homemade cookies on the counter.  For a moment I felt like I was right back 30 years ago when he was seven and silently eyeing something like a hot wheel or candy bar. A gush of warmth swept over me.

As we stepped out of the restaurant there was blowing snow…looked like millions of tiny white beads spreading on the dark pavement.  Temperatures had dropped today and I was hopeful the ground would stay white just a while longer.

North winds quicken
snow clouds dim late afternoons
chilling brittle bones
fairy dust on dark pavements
brightens this early dusk

© Tournesol ‘15/12/19