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daisies (Troibun) Day 8 of NaPoWriMo

© OliG'15 (Gaspé - marguerite)
© OliG’15 (Gaspé – marguerite)

She loves the daisy, her favourite of all flowers. Each petal represents the multiplicity of her personality…ever changing and growing throughout life.


wild daisies
pure and innocent
free spirited

wild daisies
petals on the surface
loves me – loves me not

pure and innocent
searching for petals beneath
yet, undiscovered

free spirited
with or without you
still stands strong

© Tournesol ’16/04/08

Day 8 of National Poetry Writing Month – the suggested prompt was to honour a flower


Love thee (troiku)

I originally composed this troiku this morning with the thoughts of my walk through the thicket last week on my way to work. I had been mesmerized and filled with grace looking at the wild flowers and one sole tiny blue butterfly fluttering from one flower to the next.

A blogger, Brenda from Friendly Fairy Tales, suggested “Perhaps the butterfly was a messenger of love from an admirer. A reminder to love yourself and value even the steps that you take to get to work. The in-between time is the most magic and free. I used to love driving, it felt so free being in-between one place and another.”

However, when I got home tonight I took a little peak at Carpe Diem since I had not had time to look in the past three days and I noticed the Time Glass prompt, First Celebration and found my offering fitting for this prompt as well.  Serenidipty hits again.

mazu iwae ume o kokoro no fuyu-gomeri

first celebrate
the flowers in your heart
confined in winter

© Basho (Tr. Jane Reichhold)

first cherry blossom
in the moonlight

© Chèvrefeuille


amid thicket
daisies stand at attention
sun beams in awe

amid thicket
birds tweet in salutation
blue butterfly flits

daisies stand at attention
buttercups wild yet humble
grass waves delight

sun beams in awe
butterfly flutters with glee
nature’s gift to thee

blue butterfly flits
silently communes with thee
love thee first, then all

© Tournesol ’15

daisies for life (tanka)

© Clr August 2014

Daisies are my favourite flower for reasons I have shared in the past. I relate to this flower in so many aspects. It is not especially stunning compared to so many other exquisite floras but it is still attractive and strong. Multiple petals show many facets of my personality…and still many to discover over a lifetime.

Sowing more seeds has allowed me to have daisies for life…children and grandchildren and it all starts with that first born. At that time I thought I would never have enough love to spread…I remember how much I loved my godchild before I ever had children and it worried me a bit. “Is it possible to love a child more than that or as much?” I quickly saw that it was certainly possible and when I had my second child, the love was still in abundance as there is more to spare for my grandson. Recently I’ve had two more grandsons added to our family and the heart seems to just swell more and more. How wonderful to see how the Great Spirit created our hearts and souls.

Today we celebrated the birth of my first born…

daisies for life
meadows seasoned with love
birth of a child
mother’s never-ending love
a family is born

© Tournesol ’14/11/07


Photo shopped by Michelle Marie at Tell me About It
Photo shopped by Michelle Marie at Tell me About It

A daisy for my birthday

a bunch for an entire year

I’ m happy either way

this gift they gave me here,

colours popping I love you

whispering forget me not

I’m grateful for all they do

and so I’m saying Thank you!

© Cheryl-Lynn, 2014/03/21

Photo edited by Michelle Marie at Tell Me About It Thank you, Michelle Marie 😀

I was blessed with a lovely bouquet of flowers for my birthday last week from my daughter and grandson and a yummy brunch.