Regina sunrise (troiku)

(c)Clr’16 Sunrise in Regina, Sk where fields run forever.

bleeding red on blue
after a strawberry moon
arresting dawn

bleeding red on blue
graced with His magic
brush strokes transcend

after a strawberry moon
summer solstice delivered
a day of rest

arresting dawn
sunrise over endless fields
with bated breath


Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Dawn

overrated clocks (Troiku)


in its dimness – still, 
swallows announce a new day
clocks are optional

in its dimness – still,
early bird catches the worm
one peep echoes

swallows announce a new day
purple clouds transforming
pink splash in the sky

clocks are optional
as the night lifts its dimness
pup wines at the door

© Tournesol’16/07/11

HaikuHorizons “clock”

A Troiku, it is a new form of Haiku created by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai.

nature’s wonderous mysteries (haibun –sort of)

© Clr'15

© Clr’15

Walking home last night she sees grey swirls elevated near the curb as she crosses the street. The first frozen puddle she has noticed in the city, autumn’s last month flirting with winter.  She knows the days are numbered now. Leading towards the end of this season sometimes feels like walking towards a grave.

fallen to their death
leaves spread season’s quilt
tucking in the earth

Although logic knows the earth is not dead but asleep…napping for a spell, until spring, the dark of day lacking sunshine makes us feel this way on this cold day of November.  Not only does nature seem somnolent but the sun as well, turning in so early.

sun bids farewell
yet, it’s only teatime!
autumn’s new soirée

No longer can one dine in the evening whilst they admire art displays in the sky. (sigh!) The artist too, has turned in earlier, skipping dinner and off to bed.

painting moods in blues
in the darkest hour
cleansing of new dawn

One can sometimes hear
In the darkest hour
awe celestial notes
message from the heavens,
still, she is not clear…

Nature has its mysteries, that she does not know; makes it all the more appealing,  savouring the unknown.

whispers in her ear
playing sanguine notes
lighting up her soul

© Tournesol ’15

I think I may have gotten carried away here with poetic prose and turned a few sentences into haiku and tanka.  I am still categorizing this as a haibun.


night meets dawn (haibun)

asamutsu ya tsukimi no tabi no ake banare
bridge of morning
a journey of moon-viewing
at dawn
© Basho

Our host has written:

in the thin line
as the night flows into the day
sun and moon together

© Chèvrefeuille

sun and moon dancing
as the night flows into the day –
a skylark’s song

© Chèvrefeuille

Here is my attempt:


She reflects on her evening’s work; so many youths lost in suffering. It makes her think about life, her adult children and her grandson. Her heart filled with love as she walks back home late into the night.

At home, she sits and begins to write…a purging of thoughts flooding her screen that shines brightly like the full moon in the window. All these thoughts, suffering, doubts and concerns fill her screen as she turns her head towards the window, as if the moon has answers.

hushed contemplations
scrolls by light of the moon,
the early bird chirps

© Tournesol ’15

On The Trail With Basho Encore #9 Bridge of Morning

greeting new dawn (haiga – troika)

I was inspired by this beautiful photo from a post at Karuna Poole, my friend’s blog  at LivingLearningandLettingGo here she shares a special morning in her garden.


Tranquil moments
Mother Nature’s morning

tranquil moments
wind whispers
new day

Mother Nature’s morning
wings stretch
tip to tip

honouring first dawn
the crow calls

© Tournesol ’15

livinglearingandlettinggo karuna poole 2015

dawn ascends (haibun)

Last night we experience strong winds and in the middle of the night it kept me awake. Tossing and turning, my mind was composing a poem, so I decided to write a poem which I posted entitled “Awaiting dawn”.

intermittent flash
signs of ill-health
power lines crash
eminent for sure
if these gusts continue
chorus of howls
like military troops
haunting yowls
beyond depths of
blow blow
blow wind blow
keep me awake
all night long
visions of buildings
crashing, floating,
hiding for cover
broken wail sounds
blow, blow
blow wind blow
you’ve not won
in destroying my home
power’s still on
I’m safe, I am warm
then why do I fidget
why can I not rest
in the dead of this night
blow blow
blow wind blow
the chorus has grown
no longer wind sound
but high giant waves
like tsunami like moan
blow blow
blow wind blow
fear not
I stand guard
awake thru the night
fear not
I stand guard
‘till the sun
shows its face gold
I shall wait for this dawn
neither tired or cold
I shall wait a bit longer
eyes open, alert
breathing slow , belaboured
suppressing a yawn.

© Clr’14

 It is interesting how strong winds seem more frightening in the night and yet in the day would it not be more dangerous?  I remember walking to bus some mornings on wind days and I felt pushed forward…and I am not a skinny person!  I hate to see young children waiting for a bus how scary that might be or crossing a busy intersection…yikes!

In any event, I wrote this poem not really thinking the wind would die down but I knew at the break of day I would not be so frightened.  At six am. I took my shower, while coffee was brewing and had not thought of the wind for I was preparing for appointments today.

Sitting down to check my email, I noticed the only sound I could hear were the cars on the boulevard in front of my apartment driving towards the bridge to get to work.  I am including two haiku to complete last night.  I think the second one is better but the first was my first thought…what do you think?

© Clr '14

© Clr ’14

new dawn
gusts sank beneath the skyline
sunshine smiles


dawn ascends
gusty winds expired,
forgiven cool breeze

© Tournesol ’14

daybreak (tan renga)

I reread this beautiful early morning haiku and felt bad that I had not written a more classical haiku with a softer ending that makes you think…a little. I don’t know the names of many birds, most flower and trees. So honestly, Carpe Diem DOES keep me on my toes…haha…and even before that reading many of Georgia’s poems has taught me a little more each day.

I looked at that photo Chèvrefeuille posted with those lovely shiny droplets hanging from the branch and wrote another completion. The only thing I was missing was the name of a bird that IS still here in Quebec, Canada during late autumn and winter months. So I searched again and found this lovely video about winter backyard birds in Canada. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Well, I actually learned a think or two…again (grins).

early morning
silence before the rising sun
raindrops on a branch    © Georgia

early morning
silence before the rising sun
raindrops on a branch
last night’s jeweled remnants
goldfinch stirs from its dream

sky gently
comes to life

© Tournesol ’14/11/08