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daybreak’s promise (haiku)

© Clr '14
© Clr ’14

morning dawn
sunshine glows upon her face
smiles reflect her soul

morning prayers
seem long and tedious… yet,
bless the day

waste not looking back
ruminating on shadow’s trail
new beginnings dawn

© Tournesol ’15

3 Word Wednesday reflect tedious waste

daybreak (tan renga)

I reread this beautiful early morning haiku and felt bad that I had not written a more classical haiku with a softer ending that makes you think…a little. I don’t know the names of many birds, most flower and trees. So honestly, Carpe Diem DOES keep me on my toes…haha…and even before that reading many of Georgia’s poems has taught me a little more each day.

I looked at that photo Chèvrefeuille posted with those lovely shiny droplets hanging from the branch and wrote another completion. The only thing I was missing was the name of a bird that IS still here in Quebec, Canada during late autumn and winter months. So I searched again and found this lovely video about winter backyard birds in Canada. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Well, I actually learned a think or two…again (grins).

Credits: Raindrops on a branch (photo © John Morgan)

early morning
silence before the rising sun
raindrops on a branch    © Georgia

early morning
silence before the rising sun
raindrops on a branch
last night’s jeweled remnants
goldfinch stirs from its dream

sky gently
comes to life

© Tournesol ’14/11/08