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nature’s wonder (tan renga)

In my search for riverbeds, rocks and deserts for Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge “River Stones” by Magical Mystery Teacher ,I came upon another great find. Apparently this recording has gone viral on YouTube since March 2014, one that I had yet to see.

For centuries this dry area, a massive creek bed, has seen the disappearance and return of water in a series of flash floods. I found it fascinating that the Zin river in the Negev desert suddenly transformed due to heavy rains from the mountains. This river runs 75 miles long and drains into the Dead Sea. (read more here)

The DailyMail – UK – River Reborn

In the Old Testament it is said, that Moses sent twelve spies to cross the Promised Land and that the Zin River, in biblical times, marked the border of Israel.

Now watch this video and you will see as these bystanders also witnessed the flow of water into a once barren river. I had to watch it twice so I could immerse in my feelings of that moment of wonder. It felt like the Great Spirit was smiling down on our planet in one part of the world, in the Negev desert.

in a desert land
stones from rivers far away
muttering dark tales © MMT

youths too young to understand
they pitch for future games © Tournesol

wonder heaves
water floods murky tales
born-again river

© Tournesol ‘14