Daily moments ~ shady dreams~ Troiku + solo no renga September 26 2017

sinking deeper
well of uncertainty
darkness cradles me

sinking deeper
gravity takes control
mocking me

well of uncertainty
taunting me with promise
empty like the well

darkness cradles me
acquiescent and submissive
I sleep

I sleep
fingers pointing
a mother’s look

mocking and contriving
faces in my dreams

cringing with self-doubt
know not what to do
praying to wake up

shrill of morning calling
finally in the greyness

is my darkness
holding me together





Departure 28, 29 and 30 (Autumn Retreat 2017)

Departure #28 night traveller (Troibun)


traveling all night
pleasant leisure distractions
eyes flutter

travelling all night
so many strange places
yet, familiar

pleasant leisure distractions
finally worries
take a backseat

eyes flutter
taking in every scene
my movie screen

Such an offensive shrill pulls me  aggressively from my dream. Keeping my eyes closed trying with all my might, to slip back on that journey.  I put on my eye mask filling my eyes with darkness…hoping, waiting for the train to pass.



A troiku is a new form of haiku created by Chevrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai and this troibun was written for Carpe Diem’s August Retreat 2017  and the theme is “Departure



Departure #29 last embrace (tanka)

sun rising
in its splendour
dusk hastens light of day
nighttime’s last embrace

(c) Tournesol’17


Departure #30
necessary endings (haibun)

Endings can be so difficult. No one wants to say goodbye to frolicking in an open field, making sand castles on a sunny beach or walking along a park in open sandals. One just feels so much lighter! It tastes like freedom. Moreover, despite the rich blankets of gold and amber, it is so darn hard to let go of this period. Just like the child that says, “Just five more minutes, please!” so he can say up a little bit later, resisting the end of a day.

carefree summer
soon comes to an end
sombreness lingers
less time to play
 shorter days

walking home alone
path filled with fallen leaves
winter’s calling me

© Tournesol ’17


At Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, Chévrefeuille has created an Autum Retreat from July 15th to August 15th…30 days – theme is departure  These are my last three entries.


silent dreams Daily Moments December 10 2016



Her grandchild is tucked in, after an evening laughing playing cards and watching Netflix; he’s resting up for a tournament tomorrow morning. How silent the place feels all of a sudden. She had not realized just how quiet her home was…lacking life without her children.  One gets used to the quiet not realizing what one is missing sometimes.

silent dreams
in living colour

© Tournesol’16/12/10

Daily Moments, December 10, 2016

Daily Moments – silence of the night (troiku)


quiet of the night
wrapped in solitude
dreams of long ago

quiet of the night
even the ash stands still
only a heartbeat

wrapped in solitude
tends to distance from reality
weight of unrest

dreams of long ago
fill her heart for a moment
lips curl up

Written for Haiku My Heart

The Troiku is a Haiku created by Chèvrefeuille at CarpeDiemHaikuKai

Daily Moments July 11 2016 Silence of the night (Troiku)

goose feathers embrace (troibun)

Georgia (BastetamdSekhmet)  has been my friend from afar (Italy) and mentor in writing poetry of every form, having first discovered her through prompts at “We drink because we’re Poets”. It is through her I learned more about haiku and discovered Carpe Diem. I especially enjoy her morning haiku and  waka (Japanese poetry form) and here is one that I have chosen to share. This morning waka inspired me to compose this troiku.

morning chill
raindrops fall on these flowers
awaiting May warmth

laying in bed
listening to the raindrops
warm under the sheets
drifting in and out of sleep
so hard to leave my dreams

those chiming bells
echoing in this loneliness
their hollow call

© G.s.k. ‘16

vignette of mom signed

I chose this haiku and waka because it reminded me when I  would wake up from a  nice dream.  Many times I could go back to sleep and pick up from where I left off…but when my deceased mom visits in my sleep, I cannot seem to bring her back.

new dawn grips
throws me in hibernation
goose feathers embrace

new dawn grips
wilted petal drops
ending my dream

throws me in hibernation
seeking what is familiar
her warm presence

goose feathers embrace
playing make-believe
Mother’s still here