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lost in the cornfield (haibun – troiku)

She noticed the sky changing and told her friend she must go out to take some photos. But her friend told her to wait the sky would turn a darker pink soon, “You’ll see, it was merveilleux last night!” Twenty minutes later, she notices the sky is just getting greyer..DARN!! She ran out to take a few shots, hoping to salvage a nice souvenir of this evening at her friend’s home surrounded by mountains and cornfields. Ducking a few times from soaring and gliding birds, she actually felt she had intruded on Mother Nature tucking in wildlife.

© Clr'15
© Clr’15

lost in the cornfield
dimness descends slowly
overwhelmed scarecrow

lost in the cornfield
scurrying with glee
field mice play

dimness descends slowly
sun dips behind Mont Bromont
pause in despair

overwhelmed scarecrow
sparrows zooming overhead
pompous feathered friends

© Tournesol ’15

Hopscotch terror

CLR 2014
CLR 2014


Skip, skip, hop, hop,
she turned around on one foot
threw her pebble on six
the hop, hop, hopping followed;
heard a whisper, stopped transfixed,
then a long deep moan
she stood on both feet…forlorn
little child frozen on square five
not budging, terror took over her
dared not move her head,
just her eyes from side to side,
the moan grew louder, longer
her eyes just gawked…
she turned her head swiftly
to the right and THERE she saw it
from the dark basement window
it looked like a man…an old man
with long shoulder length white hair
he looked exactly like Ebenezer!
She turned her four yr old body
and stode frozen, staring, tears streaming
down her chubby cheeks….
And then she hurled t
he loudest piercing yowl!
the engineer on the oncoming train
must have heard the howl.
Grandmother came running down the stairs,
grabbed her by the shoulders
to shake her back to reality
shouting at the THING at the basement window
“Stop scaring the child like that, GrandPa!!”
then hugged the child close to her bosom,
whispering, Shshshshshshshshsh.

© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/05/13
Submitted for: Mindlovemiserysmenagerie Prompt 55, Slowly dawning horror