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Daily Moments – teasing sparrows (haibun)

Having cleaned the windows yesterday, she thought this would make life more enjoyable; yet, watching her dear friend try to jump at birds in flight, she had to slide the window to leave a three-inch gap, so her friend wouldn’t fall through the screen.


teasing sparrows
sashaying back and forth
restless feline whines

(c) Tournesol’16-05-07

Daily Moments May 7 2016 Teasing sparrows

She must be Zen…

Hey, GiGi, wake up!!! Hey, GiGi, shove over!!!1060018_406335162815077_1762848578_n  Come on lil’ kitty, I want to clean the couch before mommy an daddy get home.


Maybe if I get closer with this loud monster, she’ll run off.





Sheeesh, she does not seem to be afraid…wow!!

My Bette would be on top of my fridge by now.scardy bette Jan 2013


Guess GiGi is a very relaxed cat. Maybe it is the country air.  Let’t get a bit closer, that’ll scare her.1063605_406708396111087_2046750192_n

Nope…sheeesh!!! she must be a Yoga (Yogi?) Guru or Mindfulness Master or something…gotta get her over at my place to teach some relaxation to Bette. GiGi you are the Calm of Calmness, the serene of serenity.  You rock, kitty:)