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whispering promise (troibun)


As a child August meant school was around the corner.  With mixed feelings she anticipated a new school year, that smell of fresh ink on new books, her best handwriting on that first page of her scribbler and so much promise to fill her mind…learning anew. Of course there were new students arriving in her little town and new relationships forming opening her heart she smiles, waiting with anticipation.   And yet, as months progress death looms in the air as leaves fall and grounds reek of decay…


The Troiku is a new haiku form created by Chèvrefeuille

(a troiku)

autumn leaves whisper
that first je t’aime

autumn leaves whisper
endings or new beginnings
paradox of life

mistakes repeated
over and over

that first je t’aime
fairy tale or mystery
still unresolved



First Kiss (Haibun)


MrEyeCandy66 Deviantart: First Kiss


It was late at night between Christmas and New Year’s, January, 1968. A time where mini skirts,fish-net stockings and short pea coats were the fashion…never warm enough for those winters in Quebec. A tuque or beret was fashionable but never worn covering the ears…that would not be stylish. The walk from the rec centre was several kilometers to her home by the river.  How he fell in love with her baby blues…


Beneath wintry skies
pulls her close to him

beneath wintry skies
shivering in their Sunday best
holding hands

pulls her close to him
hearts beating

lips moistened like morning dew
their first kiss

© Tournesol ’15

CP TimeGlass “First Kiss”