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moody mother (troibun ~ haiga)

Well, what will it be today…weather forecasters are like gamblers, never really knowing what to predict…wind, cold but the test is who will foresee kinds of precipitations these days… She prepares her bag before going to work adding safety measures to be able to challenge the moods of Mother Nature.



spring elements
white powdered footpaths

spring elements
moments of gusty winds
streams of golden rays

white powdered footpaths
clings to the past in silence
no one’s listening

cruel and vindictive
like a scorned lover

© Tournesol ’16/03/24

Daily Moments ~ March 24  2016 ~Moody Mother  (Troibun)

Snow turned to rain (haibun)

Well now despite the dangers of this weather, like over 150,000 residents in this province without hydro, the slippery roads in areas, the flooded streets in others and the dangers of walking on ice, slush, snow covered ice…it really is beautiful.  Hydro went out a few times for a few seconds, but I went to the store (hence the photos I took in the rain) and bought extra D batteries for my flashlight and extra large candle and all is set up in the dining room…just in case. It is when you are prepared these hiccups are least to happen, right?

The photo below is right in front of my apartment building. I kept hearing cracks, thuds, and bams and gazillions flops at once…snow falling from the branches and ice as well for the freezing rain turned to rain.

I still do not have the best waterproof boots…well, yes, they are but not 10 cm high, so I put on plastic bags before putting on my winter waterproof boots and came back home with nice dry feet.  I shall keep this up until the Sorel Boots go on sale.

2015/01/04 19:00
2015/01/04 19:00


reality looms
nature violates its course
vision of beauty

© Tournesol’15

Haibun thinking