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on letting go …a cherita and haiku

(a cherita)

piling into tired vessels

inequity tears the sails
weary canvas fails

sea engulfs each evil deed
greedy and voracious
quenched with every nightmare


aquarius moon so full and bright

beams light up the sea
watching ancient sins

sinking to dark depths
way beneath the sea
labroides feast


nightmares capsize
into the cold dark sea
death becomes them

(c) Tournesol ’19/08/15


Daily moments – reflections on letting go and change – August 15th, full moon


bonding in the moonlight ( Troiku)


under the moonlight
savouring last call

under the moonlight
melancholy moment
– just a hint

two sisters
bonds stronger than steel
but, for their master

savouring last call
hoping for one last treat
‘til sleep takes over

©Tournesol’16 – 07- 25

Daily Moments – July 25 2016  cherished moments  Troiku and Haiga

Two Second at Ten, Prompt “strong”

The Troiku is a new form of Haiku created by Chèvrefeuille.

savouring milk moon (haibun) Daily Moments June 19 2016




Sitting on the balcony at 3 am praying for a soft breeze. Leaves are still, hardly a waver until a sudden breeze makes one believe there is more to come. Times like this, makes more sense to set up a cot and sleep under the elm. It’s a special time, this week for her. Summer solstice falls close to her mother’s birthday, June 22nd. It is as if the moon is glowing in celebration of a blessed soul.

canicule en juin
rien de mieux pour apaiser
une nuit blanche
éclat d’une lune quasi pleine
solstice d’été

June heatwave
nothing better to pacify
sleepless night
glow of a moon almost full
summer solstice

(c) Tournesol’16-06-19

Daily Moments – savouring milk moon

never alone (troiku) NaPoWriMo Day 20

through abandoned parks
in the night
the moon by her side

through abandoned parks
by herself
but never alone

in the night
communicates with
the full moon

the moon by her side
guiding light
opens unturned paths




I started off by writing a loon (5-3-5) but then decided to build on that with a troiku; so one haiku is (3-5-3).

Daily Moments ~ Feb 26 -16 luna plena (haibun)

Can never seem to get enough of you, oh luna plena. I look up at you and know we have a clandestine relationship, just you and me. A few days each month I see you lest the clouds hide you with greed, keeping us apart but still, I know. Every fibre in my body feels you, knows you are there near me taunting me…sometimes, our love breeds pain…my head throbs but not my heart. My heart bleeds wistfully for you.

(c) Clr'16
(c) Clr’16

glint of charisma
holds me prey

(c) Tournesol ’16-2-26

Daily Moments Feb 26

Carpe Diem Hamish’s 5th ~ A Teaser & Love

halo glow

© Clr’15/09/28 Supermoon

light of the full moon
shines through colored leaves
at last … autumn
© Chèvrefeuille

halo reflecting earth
young loves swoon in heaven’s glow

even robins sing
through the window
the old man snores

teens walk home hand in hand
muffling innocent giggles

© Tournesol ’15

© Clr '15
© Clr ’15

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

lumière de la pleine lune (haiku)

Autumn Moon -Chèvrefeuille

We asked  to write a haiku inspried by our host’s haiku as well as the theme autumn.

light of the full moon
shines through colored leaves
at last … autumn

© Chèvrefeuille

la lumière de la pleine lune
brille à travers les feuilles colorées
enfin … l’automne
© Chèvrefeuille (traduit)

Summer vacation puts close friends and lovers at a distance sometimes;  some have summer jobs far from their loved ones or distant summer homes.  Autumn can be a blessing for many…

claire de la lune
flamme de son cœur fébrile

retrouvailles d’amoureux
retour au collège

retour au collège
lueur de la pleine lune
brille sur son visage

brille sur son visage
joues rougissantes la trahissent
yeux pétillants sollicitent

© Tournesol ’15