paralyzed in pain (haibun)

Everyone had left for school. The hush in the house was deafening. Edwina lay in her bed, swimming in her tormented pain.  Soon she would have to get up. Her eyes looked to her right on the bedside table at the clock. It was 7:45 and she had to be at work at noon.  How would she make it on time?  Would she even try this time?  She closed her eyes tightly, annoyed that she had not improved over the months.  All the weeks of therapy, medication…nothing seemed to get her out of this “bain de torture”.


annoyed with self
wades in blistering pain
still awaits the hush

If she did not move any part of her body, breathed lightly and slowly, she might not hear her heart pounding in her ears.  It was all in her head, they all said. There was no reason to feel tormented with what no one can see.  There is no evidence that she feels what she feels. No proof of the sounds she hears. If only someone could possess her whole being, for one split second, they would surely jump out of her skin, she thought.



lays in wait
tremors stir inside her soul
grisly scream endures
tormenting thru and thru
‘til long  desired hush

© Tournesol ’15

annoyed * hushed * pain

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