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Getting out or Getting Away (SoCS July 12’14)

Originally written July 14th for SoCS, Getting out or Getting Away

Getting out or getting away are two very defined activities. The first is to treat yourself, to go out with a friend or your significant other; perhaps it is a night out clubbing, dancing or bar hopping…whatever your pleasures may be that is what “getting out” means to me.

Getting away is distancing perhaps from family, friends, or BOTH! Maybe it’s going on a long overdue trip to recharge those weak Duracell batteries.

This past week I had planned to get away to do something for me. I needed to recharge my rechargeable batteries but anything “local” or “ordinary” just would not be able to replenish those batteries.

I had not taken a real vacation in a hotel…a “getaway” since 2002 when I went to San Francisco with a significant other or later that year my solo trip to Orange County.

So, overdue you say?  Yes, indeed!  Not wanting to just getaway to just read on a beach {I can read just fine at home and pop in a CD of ocean waves}…granted I would miss breathing in the salt air…but still.  I was itching for something more and my body, mind, soul and heart ALL needed a good reboot.

So my getaway was a retreat but not just “OMing” for three to four days…no siree, it was jam packed with music, colours, dancing, joy, pure unconditional love and messages of peace and love. I know, I know, some of you reading are shaking your heads thinking, oh that hippie stuff. Granted, I do come from that era, but I was never EVER a true hippie. I just liked to dress like one. I always stayed pretty close to home until I was 45! So call me a late bloomer.

The days  filled with lots for the active mind but no pressure to join anything. Meditation training broken down in digestible slots, music until the wee hours of the morning…orations of depth and the messages that attracted me to begin with love and compassion.  It felt like coming home.

Now when can one “getaway”, refuel the mind, the heart and the soul in 4 days? Okay the body lagged a bit with 5a.m. celebrations. But my other three elements made up for it!

© Cheryl-Lynn 2014/07/17