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What is UP with the gas gouging??:(

1270317843i7t8u91.jpgOkay, so this is certainly NOT a new topic for anyone on this planet but still.  I can’t get over these past 2 weeks with the prices of fuel going up and down 10 cents in the space of 2 days!  Granted it would go down by Wednesday and up by Friday and down again Tuesday and the stupid blasted gouging would continue.  But I would notice 5 to 7 cents but lately it is so blatantly high and then low!!

I wish they would pick ONE price for 6 months or at least for 3 months.  Sheeesh!! If I had a business, I may be able to get around this a bit because I would be getting back the gst…I think I remember listening to CJAD  (800 AM Montreal) a few months ago.  The financial advisor was chatting during his weekly show about that.

We are such a pacific population…we bitch, whine, complain, write some letters here and there, sign petitions, blog the hog out of our systems but nothing changes.  I wish I could answsers abou tthis but I do agree that I am a bit lazy and passive too Isuppose…don’t take the time to try to understand how we get screwed.  Of course my rationale has been for a long time, “Well, at least we don’t have the prices they have in Europe.”  But that still does not explain the constant fluctuating prices that are very annoying.

Good night world!