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summoning reverie ~ troibun Daily Moments Dec 1, 2018

in my dream 
alerting me 
life and death 

in my dream 
you slept next to me 
then awakened me 
alerting me 
over and over again 
then I knew 

November 30th, 2014 I dreamed the same dream three times.  It was scary but you were there with me in my bed, trying to save a child from death.  

I forced myself awake for it scared me so…then slipped back into slumber and the same scene appeared two more times. And so, at four in the morning, on December 1st, I waited until dawn to call the nursing home.  I knew there had to be something wrong…no one had warned me. Not one relative had called me but I knew because you came to me and I knew you wanted me by your side. 

The nurse at the nursing home said softly “Come quick, she does not have much longer.”  The taxi took so long to get there or maybe I just wished he could have gone over the speed limit.  But an hour later, I was by your side all day and  all night until passed midnight…you raised your head slightly and turned towards me, taking your last breath.  

Blessed I am 
you could not speak 
you found a way 
blessed I am 
to be  
by your side 
you could not speak 
but acted out your plea 
in my sleep 
you found a way 
with the grace of God 
to summon me.   
© Tournesol ‘18-12-01 

Daily Moments December 1 2018  Summoning reveries   Troibun

swaying recalls (troiku) Daily Moments Sept 4/17


Image may contain: plant, tree, sky, outdoor, nature and water

A Troiku

a thousand and one
rocking in her mother’s chair

a thousand and one
I love you’s
never overstated

rocking in her mother’s chair
she were here

storytelling and laughter
by the riverside


Daily Moments  September 4 2017  – Swaying Recalls  (Troiku)





mysteries of grief (troibun)

Grief can be quite mysterious. One day it can feel like you are wrapped in a prickly shawl that makes you uncomfortable only now and then, when the prickles pinch you. Other times it can weigh you down like an iron wrap and slow you down for no reason at all. It snakes around and hides a spell and you may think that all must be fine, until it crawls out at the most inopportune time.

It is a slow process and not one person experiences it exactly the same way but the roller coaster of emotions can make you nauseous sometimes and other times angry, sad, guilty and salty tears return again cleansing your heart.

Sometimes I find grief is a bit like a leaky faucet. You know when, all you really need to do is change those worn out washers, but you don’t get around to it.   The water may start leaking when you least expect it.

Aw but laughter is cathartic and it can be a nice way to reminisce of past times, long ago and maybe an image will make you smile…a nice reprieve.

©Clr’16  First snowfall – November 21,2016


like the first snowfall
tender sorrows veiled
autumn leaves rest

like the first snowfall
slipping back in time
childhood memories

tender sorrows veiled
taking up too much energy
holiday seasons

autumn leaves rest
under fluffy white duvet
warmed by loving hearts


Daily Moments – November 22,2016  Mysteries of grief

one single ripple (troibun)

We are to  use this beautiful haiku to inspire our writing…

lights along the shore
shimmering reflections
ripple in the lake
© Joyce Lorenson

She remembers telling her youths many times how grief is like a tidal wave at first with waves crashing on the shore with such a vengeance. Over time the waves roll in with restraint and eventually over time, intermittently until they roll in no longer. Eventually,  the water is clear like a mirror safe for a single ripple…

gentle ripple on the water
memories of long ago

times she held me close,
brings a smile

gentle ripple on the water
subtle, yet genuine
and surreal

memories of long ago
songs echo in my heart
even if off-key



blossoms (tan renga & troiku)

in the blind wind’s dance
© Jane Reichhold
solemn contemplation
petals rest on her plaque

© Tournesol’16/05/25

The above tan renga inspired me to write just a bit more and here is a troiku I will be adding to Haiku Horizons prompt “rest”

muted June bug
in solemn contemplation
rests on her plaque

muted June bug

in solemn contemplation
starlings nap
on bended knees

rests on her plaque
one lone


times passed (troiku)

breathing in her scent
drifting from her dresser
fond memories take hold

breathing in her scent
mind drifts to times passed
when our hearts were light

drifting from her dresser
scents trigger sentiments
I thought were long gone

fond memories take hold
in a life when time stopped
…or so we thought


Written for The secretkeeper and the prompts are: drift, breathe, light, hold, life

Y is for Yelp (haibun)

The sound of chanting Hail Mary’s in different tones echoes from the bedroom. They are all kneeling around the bed of their dying father. The antique clock on the old sideboard ticks. Soft moans turn gradually into anguished cries.

missing his master
lying under his bed
the spaniel yelps

©Tournesol ’16/4/29

Blogging from A to Z Challenge

NaPoWriMo Day 29

W is for waves (troiku)

like a tidal wave
beaching on her broken heart

like a tidal wave
taste of rumbling waves
salty tears

beaching on her broken heart
life comes to a stop
filling all the cracks

salty tears
dry and caked upon her cheek
remains of her loss

© Tournesol ’16/04/27

Blogging from A to Z

Troiku is a form of haiku created by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

une seule plume (troibun)

Walking to work on avenue de Gaspé, she looks at the trees just starting to bud. A seagull screeches overhead. She smiles and wonders if he is announcing to his buddies of some overturned garbage can.

one lone feather
on this city street
where’s the white dove?

one lone feather
message from above
dearly departed

on this city street
searching for leftovers
doves and gulls

where`s the white dove?
Maman, es-tu vraiment là?
ma belle, Colombe

© Tournesol’16/04/27

This is a troiku, created by Chèvrefeuille,  with a narrative, I now call a Troibun.


Title: one lone feather
Mother, are you really there?
Colombe, my departed mother’s name, is French for dove

NaPoWriMo Day 27 April 2016

Carpe Diem Haiku Kai