my river (haiga)

my river

back home
my river holds
the universe
© Tournesol`15

I couldn`t decide which so I added these as well:

the river-
stories from afar,
show and tell

my river
flows in different
shades of blue and green

the river
brings the world
to me

© Tournesol’15

Last slow breath (haibun)

Le “cordonier mal chaussé” is often what her peers call her teasingly.   When a young person calls her crisis line and is having a panic attack, she asks him to put one hand on his belly, then walks him through mindful breathing and eventually a guided imagery. Breathing in, the belly inflates like a balloon, breathing out, the belly flattens.

So many youths and adults tend to label themselves as suffering from some form of anxiety;  however, there are also many youths who hear this “term” but have not been properly diagnosed. Living in a society of information overload it is no wonder many practice  “googlism” as they surf the internet.

A young person may call for help with anxiety. The counsellor shakes her head when the youth answers her question to “Where did you get that diagnosis?” and it is “Oh, I googled it.”  She shakes her head in dismay as she listens to the youth through her earpiece.

This counsellor, too must learn to practice some form of mindful breathing in order to find balance in her life.  She chants daily on her walks or when she is upset; and so many times when her mind won’t shut off and slowly it reduces her breathing and she is able to finally be in control of her breath.

Sitting in a park or garden, she connects with an inner peace hearing only her breath and faint chirps. Her ultimate reward is sitting on the rooftop witnessing that giant golden star slip beneath the horizon and she is thankful to be alive and be part of this universe.

sunset double haiga

final brush strokes
transform hues on canvas
last slow breath

last slow breath
at one with the heavens
life’s cycle

© Tournesol ’15

Carpe Diem “Pranayana – Controlled breath”

Le “cordonier mal chaussé” literal translation, shoemaker with bad shoes, meaning not practicing what one preaches.

Snow turned to rain (haibun)

Well now despite the dangers of this weather, like over 150,000 residents in this province without hydro, the slippery roads in areas, the flooded streets in others and the dangers of walking on ice, slush, snow covered ice…it really is beautiful.  Hydro went out a few times for a few seconds, but I went to the store (hence the photos I took in the rain) and bought extra D batteries for my flashlight and extra large candle and all is set up in the dining room…just in case. It is when you are prepared these hiccups are least to happen, right?

The photo below is right in front of my apartment building. I kept hearing cracks, thuds, and bams and gazillions flops at once…snow falling from the branches and ice as well for the freezing rain turned to rain.

I still do not have the best waterproof boots…well, yes, they are but not 10 cm high, so I put on plastic bags before putting on my winter waterproof boots and came back home with nice dry feet.  I shall keep this up until the Sorel Boots go on sale.

2015/01/04 19:00

2015/01/04 19:00


reality looms
nature violates its course
vision of beauty

© Tournesol’15

Haibun thinking