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Justice for youths

child abuse
violence, rape and incest
time served’s NOT enough!

children’s rights
smugly shouting “youth’s Justice”
have we really tried?

children crying
empty bellies aching
in the night

child soldiers
fighting their fathers’ wars
victims of our sins

lost childhoods
never reaching puberty
justice not for all

youths’ injustices
landfills filled with promises
adults’ failing youths

(c) Tournesol ’19/04/01

magic slippers (haibun)

They say music is one of the last things your memory loses if you are cursed with any form of dementia. I can totally see that having played “oldies” when visiting my mother. It was like she stopped at a red light, stunned, her eyes would widen and she seemed to know. Sometimes she would hum or try to sing the lyrics like one of her favourites by Judy Garland that we all know so well, Somewhere over the Rainbow.

“there’s no place like home”
clutching Toto, she taps her
ruby red slippers

© Tournesol ’14

Beat of the Heart