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le show off (haibun)

On my way home last night I walked from work very slowly. Cutting across the bushes in back of our office was actually nice with the leaves all gone, it was just wide open snowy space.  It was snowing again but it was very mild compared to the day before. So I took my time relishing the fact that I didn’t have to walk briskly to stay warm.

20150118_222530_Android (2) Walking thru bush

When I got on the street it was  really nice to see the cars covered with snow, and quiet…it was late…so all I heard was the soft crunch crunch underfoot and the snow…you can hear it falling if you pay attention.

20150118_222928_Android (2) lamppost near alley

I thought the street lamps looked so pretty and took a few photos hoping to catch the falling snow…but alas, my smart phone is not a professional camera.

This photo was taken Jan 14th with the blind closed;thought that was a pretty nice effect.

As I approached the lamp at the corner of an alley, I noticed a dark blob…not sure what kind of animal until I realized it was a cat sitting stoic; he looked like a statue and we stared at each other for a a good two minutes. I didn’t budge safe for my thumb on my smart phone. I was relieved I had turned off the clicking so that would have scared him off. Sneaky, huh? I did that last year so I could take shots of sunsets from the office window like the one above taken last week.

20150118_222955_Android (2) matou


twilight walk
stops in snowy tracks
alley cat

stops in her tracks
staring down at each other
winner takes all

alley cat
show off in the night
photo shoot

Well, monsieur le chat did not stick around too long and ran by me and just took off. I realized he may have just been waiting to get around me all that time. When I didn’t budge, I suppose he thought, silly old woman has a few loose screws, I’m outta here! and off he went.  Or perhaps he was late for a rendezvous…the little matou!! (matou also means a player, have called buys matou many a times as a teen)

silly old woman
few loose screws
scardey cat

20150118_223026_Android (2) RV de minuit

félin d’ruelle
poursuit une trôlée
chattes en chaleur

le gros matou
rendez-vous de minuit
chez minette Latour

© Tournesol’15

Haiku Horizons

Bones (senryû)

Originally posted at my blogspot at Tournesol dans un jardin, Bones


emerald blankets covering
beds of bones


beds of bones
sounds of wailing children
haunting the night


haunting the night
smell of death and venom
barbarians’ breath

© Tournesol ’14