My blue butterfly – Happy Birthday



Here is a poem AC gave the family for Easter when she was in kindergarten. On the card it reads, “Retold by AC”

The air is like a butterfly
with frail blue wings
the happy earth looks at the sky
and sings

Today, I sit and think of her with loving thoughts. It is her birthday today, on August 31st …my baby is no longer a baby but a blue butterfly that sings…

baby girl born
filled with innocence
air so pure

baby girl born
always a baby in eyes
of a mother

filled with innocence
shedding day by day
butterfly wings

air so pure
like the sound of her voice
when she sings


life’s goodies
filled with spice – and,
everything nice

to my daughter, my blue butterfly,

Happy Birthday

with love,



© Clr'15

© Clr’15

daily moments March 1 2016 ~ Birthday wish, Suzanne (haiku)

March slips in,
sunny skies compensate
frigid air

stoic trees
rest from last night’s heavy winds
under golden glow

March salutes
artists, writers and poets
Bonne Fête, Suzanne!

© Tournesol ’16/03/01

Daily Moments March 1 2016 – Happy Birthday Suzanne

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