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healing elements (troiku)



inner turmoil
deafening – rapids roar
seagulls squeal

inner turmoil
charging waves swell with passion
into waters, spill

deafening – rapids roar
echoes of my rumbling soul
searching inner peace

seagulls squeal
harmonize, my soul’s refrain
puffs over current

OctPoWriMo – 9 How the elements affect me – water – By the river rapids, I feel all stress dissipate slowly dripping into the water, flowing with the current.

The Troiku is a new form of haiku created by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai



Plunging toes
in salty liquid
steam doth rose
from scalding heat,
soaking like a marinade
softens like a serenade
bathed in salted water
feeling such a deepened shift
startled, winded
from this swift
ache amended
gasps for air,
heart is seized
moments concede
tears that seep
and wet her cheek
cleanse her face
bathing eyes,
panes of the soul
halts the throb
her aching dole.

© Cheryl-Lynn

Photo credits: 10 Healing and Detox Baths for Chronic Pain