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High Tea at The Plaza (haibun)

Photo Credits: Palm Court – The Plaza

I remember accompanying my friend on a business trip to New York City in 2001. I had not been to Manhattan since I was a child. I was amazed how it had changed and it was so clean.  During the morning Jake was at his convention and we would meet later mid afternoon.   One afternoon we went to The Plaza for high tea in the Palm Court.  It was truly an experience, he said, I just had to see.  The waiters were elegantly dressed and walked like they were actually floating slightly above the floor;  there was a musician playing the violin in the middle of the court. It was quite impressive.  It was like walking into a 1950’s movie…well, for me anyway.

We sat on the elegant chairs and waited to be served.  We had arrived a bit late however and no one was in a mad rush to serve us.  I enjoyed listening to the music and observing people who seemed accustomed to this kind of attention. I wonder if my wide eyes and open mouth threw them off…the waiters, I mean.   Oh well, at $25 a person for a slice of cake and a cuppa we decided since it was  almost five o’clock, we would go up to The Rose Club for happy hour and I had the best Manhattan I had ever had.  The patrons were certainly more sociable.  And that was my experience with High Tea at The Plaza.

noble patrons
sip tea from fine china,
violin serenades

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Photo credits: The Rose Club – Plaza Hotel