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daily moments Feb 19/16 – hunger pains (haibun)

© Clr '16
© Clr ’16

Rushing to work, she couldn’t help but notice the homelessness in the Métro station.  Each day at mid-day the same persons are at their “stations”.  Another flight down and she reaches the train rails and watches another person getting ready to get set up upstairs next to the convenience store, as she sees every day.  The man feeds her discreetly, respectfully, then pushes her wheelchair upstairs for a few hours where she sits…alone, waiting.

© Clr’16

watching passersby
silent growls plead empathy
with hunger pains

© Tournesol ’16/02/19

Daily Moments Feb 19 2016

city reality (daily moments Jan 10/16 haiku)

© Clr’16

shiny streets
wet from rain in midwinter
real slick

© Clr’16

city streets at night
shiny from rain
palls real solitude

© Clr’16

chasing snow parks
refusing to believe
winter rain is real

© Clr’16

church steps oblige
safe shelter for homeless man
staging real life

© Clr’16

© Tournesol’16/01/09

Daily Moments Jan 9 2016 – Haiku Horizons “Real”

tripping over feet (HAIGA – TROIKU)

(c) Clr '15
(c) Clr ’15 – Flickr ntouch.roberts

race to the métro
extend my cup

shoving past me
never see me

race to the métro
tripping over tired feet
cup tips over

extend my cup
whispering my mantra,
clink of a coin

(c) Tournesol `15

A Troiku is a new form of haiky created by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem.

Written for Heeding Haiku with HA at MindLoveMisery’sMenagerie – Free Reign

sans titre (haibun)

Walking home last night at the Métro Bonaventure Station, it was later than usual. It was passed eleven for I usually see several homeless persons lying on the marble sidings soaking up their last minutes of warm slumber. Between eleven and one in the morning, I am not sure if the police alert them of the time or if they have internal clocks but it was after 23:40 and I only noticed one man sitting by the door where late commuters rush off to catch their busses off the island of Montreal.

People kept walking by and the man was not holding out his cap nor mumbling anything as is usually the case when we go by some homeless persons…he looked so tired.  I felt bad no one was stopping…true it was late and many were coming home from work…not all late evening travelers are revelers.

I sat down for a moment putting down my backpack, rummaging through the mess looking for my change purse, searching for change to give to this man. I rarely carry money but change, mind you, here in Canada means $1 and $2 coins along with the quarters, dimes and nickles…we got rid of our pennies. Good I found enough to get a coffee and soup at Tims perhaps {I must pick up some coupons from Tim Horton to have handy}.

20150115_234334_Android smiling homeless

The man looked at me and I could not see he had a smile {without my glasses} but I did take a few photos} that I had noticed only after seeing the photo.  As I walked passed him, stopped to give him my coins, he thanked me so kindly with such a nice smile…the same smile I saw later on that photo.

20150115_234334_Android en tanka faded

Such a worry for the homeless people this time of year…last night it was dipping to below 20C and it snowed all night…a nightmare for anyone stuck outside in this bitter cold for more than an hour.

20150115_234334_Android fr tanka fading

© Tournesol ’15/01/16

la monnaie, spare change (haiku – tanka)

Our prompt today at Carpe Diem is Road Side Beggar (a haiku by Nana Fredua-Agyeman)
looking at the sun
for a silver coin –
roadside beggar

© Nana Fredua-Agyeman

our host has written keeping in the tone of Nana…

in front of the church
a beggar sleeps in his paper-box –
empty bottle of wine

© Chèvrefeuille

Here is my attempt thinking of our homeless people braving the cold on the streets of Montréal.

rush hour morn
wrapped in indifference
can’t see the beggar

stands in the cold,
chants: la monnaie-spare change,
merci, thank you
beggar holds the Métro door
extending his worn cap

(c) Tournesol ’14

I’ll soon be there one day

I don`t judge you
I find life tough too.

There you are every day
at my subway every morning
there you are every day
like a blaring warning
of my own disgrace
that slaps me in the face
there you are every day.

I don’t judge you
I find life tough too.

I don’t mean to stare
at your choice of beverage?
There you are every morning
I see you at Dundas Square
like a psychic warning
the truth’s too hard to bear

I don’t judge you
because you ease your pain
since I do it too
keeps me from going insane.

I don’t judge you
I find life tough too.

If I look revolted, it’s sure not YOU!
If I look critical, it’s sure not YOU!
if I look shocked, It’s really not YOU!
I’m merely seeing a reflection
of my sourly spitting image
outcomes of my dereliction.

There you are every day
reminding me every morning
if I miss just one week’s pay
you’re my telepathic warning
I’ll be joining you damn soon
I’m already half way there
getting drunk at my saloon
the obvious, too great to bear
I’ll soon be there one day
at the subway every morning
there I’ll be every day
searching for relief someway.

so please forgive my insolence
I’m so not judging you!
my fears engulf me since
I know not what to do

Your presence is really
exposing ME , hinting
of what my life’s become;
your presence at Dundas Square,
just a sign what I shall bear.

So please forgive my insolence
I’m so not judging you
my fears engulf me since
I know not what to do.

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, originally written  September 5, 2013

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