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Love has no borders (haibun)

© Clr'16
© Clr’16

I witnessed an act of kindness and an act of consciousness today. My heart fills with such joy and love it is bursting at the seams and the only way to establish some equilibrium to continue my shift at work, I am writing this narrative. This will be my offering to Karuna’s challenge on Love.

Today I was waiting for the bus and it was bitter cold with the winds felt like minus 20; I held my hood under my chin squinting now and then to see if the bus was turning the corner soon. A young man was walking towards me and stooped to pick a plastic bottle on the road in front of me.  He went on his way with two items in his left hand.  I looked at him in awe!  If we all did this regularly, wouldn’t our world be cleaner? brighter? prettier?  What an environmentally conscious person this was!!

Later I received a phone call from a young man who wanted advice on how to help a homeless teen he had met on the street. It certainly is NOT a day to be panhandling on the street for anyone today.  He was concerned for this young person and wanted to know if there were shelters I could recommend.  I suggested he try Covenant House since youths can stay up to three months and counsellors on staff might be able to help this youth settle into housing and get support.  I also recommended our phone service since our phone lines were free and anonymous.  Any information shared with us would never be reported since we do not have call display on our phones and we cannot trace calls either.  All a youth has to do is dial from any public pay phone and it’s free and open 24/7.

I could not help but thank this caller for being so compassionate and generous he was for helping this youth and offering to bring him to get a hot meal. He said, it was just part of his training in advocating for youths.  But I disagreed because this innate, it is not learned…compassion was part of who he was.

I am filled with so much love seeing people around me who are so giving and conscious on how we are all interconnected.

thrives like an epidemic
love has no borders

© Tournesol’16/02/08

Written for Challenge for Growth Prompt #5: I am Love

all one and the same (haibun)

Awakened by the lovely sound of birds chirping made her hope it might be sunny today.  It is! Her friend meows in protest for having shut her bedroom door earlier in the morning.  She chatters away expressing her discontent with a hint of hope to be stroked, fed and stroked some more.

The sky is a darker blue than most seasons…not quite cobalt but close with pearly billows drifting by accentuating the hues of this majestic sky.

sea of blue above
islands shaped in pearly greys
beg my surrender

She had moved her laptop in the living room so she could watch a movie last night and fires it up always curious to see the haiku prompt of the day at Carpe Diem Haiku kai.   In the past few months she has not been as regular contributing and she misses her haijin family.  Yesterday she took the time to visit a few siblings and cousins homes around the world in the blogosphere.

Her thoughts wander to a friend who is in San Ramon today and will be seeing Amma at her retreat. How she misses her warm and healing embrace.  Some call her a guru, others call her a hugging saint…she feels she is all of these and more. Her healing touch, her soothing smile, her words of wisdom and mostly her way of living by loving, giving tirelessly to humanity makes her heart swell.   Amma has a way of looking at you and making you see the beauty within. How she does it is a mystery or is it?  She does not preach laws but models compassion and asks us to see the light we all have within.

Her mind drifts off to sounds of various bhjans songs and the tabla drumming to her heartbeat.  Its echo makes her feel the divine beauty reflected from within.   So many instruments mimic nature and human sounds;  her Celtic spirit awakens with strings,  flutes and drums that soften her heart.  Drum circles come to mind and First Nations People who have become her conscious, reminding her to be good to Mother Earth.

© Pinterest

She looks at her mala beads and remembers hearing Amma say last year, “We are all beads strung on the same string of love.”   She tries to remember this daily.  The image of several homeless people who sit along her path to work come to mind.   Some speak French, English, Créole, Arabic or Spanish but she knows they all understand the same language…compassion.

sound of the drum
listen to the heart beat
all, one and the same

© Tournesol’15/11/14

Carpe Diem Extra Shaman

She had pink hair

Sept 26th spiritual aha moments and blue skies 013

On my way to work today
I listened to the music play
gazing here, admiring there,
reflecting shades from trees
sky looked aquamarine.
Got to parc Alphonse Lépine
saw a girl seated on a bench
so tranquil, calm and serene
admiring nature and listenin’
to music she had on her mp-3.
Hair beholdin’ deep pink hues
looked like it been dipped in fruits
like Pomegranate or raspberry,
looked funky, cool and trendy.
Unusual, yes, but her calm nature
pulled it off quite, nearly elegant!
seemed tall and slim of stature
when I got closer, she grinned.
I asked her if I could take
a photo of her, which just might
inspire me to write.

Her eyes widened, impressed,
flattered , she sat up straight
so she could properly partake
“click” the snapshot did take.
That sure made my day
I really have to say
I walked to work with a goofy smile
I had not really felt
like this in quite a while.
People who are kind and considerate
to a perfect stranger like me in a park,
warm my heart that the city didn’t rob
their genuine kindness away,
or harden them in any way.
Being a small town gal like me
I thrive on human kindness, Don’t you?
This now, restores my faith in humanity.

© Cheryl-Lynn Roberts,  originally written October 2, 2013

Photo credits: Cheryl-Lynn Roberts, 2013 – Parc Alphonse Télésphore-Lepine, Montreal, Qc.,